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Why Not Give Warframes A Special Properties?


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I've got this idea while playing as Frost on a "frozen" map that drains shields by half. I found stupid that a warframe designed to be able to produce and control freezing and icing, would not be able to stand come cold?!


So, why not give warframes special properties that will make them unique in a certain situation?

Like Frost not being affected by frozen map's shield drain, or Ember not being damaged by map's fire hazards. It's hardly a balance changer, but much more fun for the player to realize there's something special about the frame besides simply the stats/skills.


Some other ideas for "special properties":

Mag (being magnetic frame) will keep half of its energy after being disrupted

Hydroid can use skills for half of their cost while standing in water

Nekros (being "undead" like) will have 5 more seconds to bleedout

Oberon receive less damage from "animals"

Volt skills 50% more powerful standing in electrified water (will still damage him 'cause of "overloading")


Share your ideas!

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>You are the 1.000.000th to create a topic about it, CLICK HERE to get your $100.000 !!!!!!! <


Joke apart, it is somehow on the way. Zephyr can glide in the air and Mirage has a faster roll animation

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Your link to claim the prize doesn't work =(


Well I figured I'm not the only one who felt something like that is needed, just wanted to share my own vision of it.


I'm pretty excited the game actually follow that path, hope all warframes will get those soon like Mirage or Zephyr. It's similar the Prime versions Loki and Rhino being slightly better than the original - waiting for the other primes to get in line >.>

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