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New Clan Looking For Recruits!


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My friends started a small clan so we could play together and now that I have done alot of work to it I feel it is time to expand to other players. Anyone is welcome to join no matter your rank or how much time you spend in game. We dont have a huge dojo but its not a small newbie one either. I have put alot of time into it and we have the tenno lab done, an obstical course building, trading post made, treasury made, soon I will be making all other labs and starting new research. If you would like to join and contribute thats great but if you would like to join and just have others to play with and reap the benifits of clan research thats fine too. If you would like to join just send me a friend request in game with the name theamandagand and I will gladly accept and invite you to the clan.

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