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T4 Exterminate (And Others) Yield Empty Fusion Core As Reward...


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Did 2 runs of T4 exterminate, first time vor didn't spawn, the message appeared, but he was nowhere to be found. Left and to an empty fusion core as reward  


Did another and guess what the reward was? Another empty fusion core. I took a bad picture, didn't realize it's not visible, it's the one on the bottom. empty rare fusion core, 2 times in a row.   


First of all, it's T4, at least give us 5x fusion cores like in survival and fix this bug already...

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Game still got tons of bugs which need to be fixed(when fall somewhere and spawn, continuing falling from last position, closed doors on the way to extraction,mostly on void; enemies that moves chaotic, falling through textures, enemies shooting through textures , loot hangs in the air near sentinel, and more and more.Everything will be fixed in the time.

When i going to mob def 3 , ive got 3 times in a row forma blueprint.So reward(or drop) system are disaster.

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