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Mirage, Friendly Fire With Ogris


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Mission : Sechura, Pluto. (Dark Sector Defence)(Corpus snow tileset, the large-valley one)

Status of Mission : At Wave 1 - 5.

Status of Mission Node : Dark Sector Rail by Space Confederation.(opposing rail being built by some Czech clan/alliance)

Description of issue : An ally with a Mirage, using Hall of Mirrors, was firing from on top of a light post using an Ogris, firing downward to avoid hitting himself in the Infested defence. We got the pod on one the side, think it was the right side from coming out of the elevator.

He was firing down using an Ogris at Runners. At a random point, one runner exploded and it coincided with the explosion of the Ogris, putting me down(kill/hit X to revive stage) instantly. (possibly also my sentinel)

Same thing happened to another Mirage who was within range of the Ogris/Runner range.

I can confirm I did not die from being hit with runners. (can take multiple runner hits, also verified it took me out at full hp)

Running Ember Prime with 820/820 hp with maxed shield regen. (low delay to reduce waiting time)

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