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Sentinel Stealing Experience And Mirror Issues


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When returning any mission I've gone with my sentinels, in the results panel of the mission, the sentinels appear to level 0 and receive almost all the XP accumulated during the mission, hampering raise the level of the other items, and hence the mastery level.



After a merger, the back panel to the improvement of equipment, the panel appears mirrored. 


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Take the mod off that makes the sentinel fire it's weapon. It will still heal your shields and in the case of carrier, will still grab loot. But, it will not get as much XP. That is how I level up my frames and weapons.

Another 'title only' reader, eh?


OP, your second issue should be fixed by 14.0.8 hotfix.

And about your first... I dunno. Try to unequip your sentinel at all, do a mission, then equip it again and see if it is fixed.

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