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Prime Parts And Rare Mods

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Hello, people of Earth.


I'm in a desperate need of getting rid of all my Prime parts, and my event mods for shotguns.


Here's a list of mah stuff:


Prime Weapon parts:


Ankyros Prime Gauntlet : 5p

Bo Prime Ornament : 5p

Boar Prime Stock : 5p

Boltor Prime : 5p

Paris Prime Lower Limb (x2) : 5p (x2)

Burston Prime Barrel : 5p

Burston Prime Stock : 5p

Dakra Prime Handle : 5p

Fang Prime Blade : 5p

Latron Prime Barrel (x2) : 5p (x2)

Latron Prime Stock : 5p

Lex Prime Barrel : 5p

Reaper Handle : 5p

Sicarus Prime Barrel (x3) : 5p (x3)


Prime Warframe Part Blueprints:


Mag Prime Chassis Blueprint : 5p

Ember Prime Helmet Blueprint : 5p


Prime Weapon Blueprints:


Akbronco Prime Blueprint : 5p

Boar Prime Blueprint : 5p

Dakra Prime Blueprint : 5p

Glaive Prime Blueprint : 5p

Sicarus Prime Blueprint : 5p

Wyrm Prime Blueprint : 15-20p


Mods (All Maxed):


Toxic Barrage : 20p

Scattering Inferno : 35p

Shell Shock : 35p



Just punch in a reply, telling when you're online, and I'll try to hit you up.

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