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Game Keeps Saying "failed To Join"


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So, since U14 came out, I have this BIG problem. Everytime I invite / someone invites me, the game says "Failed to Join". I can join random cells on the starchart as usual, but if someone invites me it says that message. I try to sell something in the Trade Chat: failed to join. I try to play with my friends: failed to join. I try to join a farm run: again failed to join. 

And if I want to have a Dojo Duel with someone and i got invited, the game keeps failing to join. Even if I try to join the Dojo with the UI or with the Star Chart, I find the Dojo empty even if there's someone inside. And no, i'm not playing in Solo Mod. Someone's got that problem too? 'Cause I have no idea how to solve it D:

Help ç_ç

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I have a more peculiar problem, If I invite there's no problem, but I can't accept an Invite from no one, i guessed that maybe it was beacouse of steam installed the game directly but still no luck I'm guessing is some sort of firewall problem perhaps but I need a little more guidence

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