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Ancient Orokin Now Recruiting!


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Hey guys! after 130 something days i've decided to come back to warframe and i think this update is superb, don't you? ^^

Anyways i'm not here to talk about the new stuff, i'm here to talk about my new clan i created (Ancient Orokin), it currently only has me and a friend in but i'm hoping that i can get all you new players in it! (of course not so new players can join too). I'm offering to help new players in my clan and to teach them how to play the game, I am not expecting to tax anyone and you are not required to input your materials into clan dojo (however it would speed up building if you did!).


There are 8 ranks as usual:

Ancient Orokin

Orokin Captain


Follower of Orokin

Orokin Construct

Orokin Warrior

Orokin Initiate

Servant of Orokin


The clan dojo currently only has the first hall and a completed elevator (on the next floor a bigger hall is under construction) I'm struggling to find forma so building the dojo on my own will be a struggle, but as always I will still carry on!


Nice to speak with you ~Dragon

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