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Ds Pay Cheque


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Hey guys,


Can we have some sort of system where your pay cheque gets reserved?


Especially now that PVP can take some time to complete it is incredibly annoying to play a mission expecting the pay and then not receive it, seriously bugs me.


Might be just me but hey ho


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I usually don't participate in solar rail conflicts unless my clan/alliance is involved... So the pay is not an issue for me... You SHOULD be looking at whether or not the alliance promises free rail or not... ... Regardless: I understand your point and I agree. If the battle pay says 5k, and you click "support" and work your &#! off for 10-20 minutes, then you DESERVE 5k. The button click should be the "lockin" for the credits, and should instantly remove 5k from the reserve in anticipation for the player receiving the 5k. The amount should not be based off the battle pay at the moment you finish the mission. It should be based off of the amount you agreed to support for at The beginning.

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I sell 1000 sandwhiches every 12 hours.


everybody lines up and waits for their sandwhich.


the 1001st person waited just as long as the first person. I'm sorry but you don't get a sandwich. Life just isn't that fair.

Horrendously bad analogy is plain stupid.


If you are standing in line you can see all the people in front of you.  And this isn't just about standing in line. 


They made it somewhat better showing a reserve but that still doesn't solve the issue.  You have NO idea how many battle pays are in front of you.

Plain and simple the battle pay needs to be subtracted from the bank when the mission is accepted and the reserve amount shown goes down every time a new person enters the match, then when you finish you get your pay.  If you fail or DC or quit or abort or whatever the money is returned to the pot.  It is plain and simple bullS#&$ that there is a battle pay listed, you run a mission and get zero at the end.  If you see the battle pay reserve counting down, you can hurry or see that it is gone and not play for it.

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fight harder and win faster :P

That a bad remark! Who cares for fighting hard when you can throw the match and die and receive 500k in credits! How do I know, my squad did it twice today. Now im sitting on over 1 million credits for 2 runs.  I like the high pay, but the battle pay needs to be fixed!

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