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Let Us Choose, Which Chat Channels To Be In

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As recruiting officer of a German clan, the people I need to address usually reside within the German Recruiting channel.

However, I have been playing the game on European English for most of the time and am uncomfortable with relogging or having a second client running, just to access the German channels.


The protocol behind the chat system supports users to join / part channels of their choice, these features are blocked by the game client though. However, it should be possible to add a 'chat' section in the options menu, where several check-boxes could be presented to let every user choose, which channel to be in.


This way everyone could easily hop through region channels without having to go through the trouble of restarting the client. I am aware this is a convenience feature and would likely be low priority, yet I would like to propose so that 'dev has it on their list'.


Thanks for your time!

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