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Infested Problems.


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Volatile Runner explosion radius changes and damage bugs are not fun.


Ancient Disrupter seeing through Loki invisibility (using silent weapons) and instantly removing all power from across the room, not fun either.

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If ancient buff add a lot of danger, I'm pretty agree with it (just a fix of invisiblity could be needed).

Fight against a pack of ancient give some danger, seems legit.


But for the versatile runner I just can be agree, be killed by a pack of 2-3 runner cause you fight infested with melee is a bit... sad.

Lose your sentinel/kubrow at waves 3 of an endless mission cause they meet 2-3 runner doesn't seems really balanced/fun.


Nice melee weapon help other warframe than trinity/rhino/valkyr to get some fun in infested crown, if you start to die by killing every infested you meet...

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