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Wts- Corrupted And Rare Mods - Prime Blueprints And Parts - Arcane Helmets

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Message me in game: Gem145
Corrupted mods are marked with an "@":




-Flow (3 pl)

@Blind Rage (15 pl)



-Accelerated Blast (5 pl)

-Wildfire (3 pl)

-Thundershot (3 pl)

@Corrupt Charge (5 pl)

@Burdened Magazine (2 pl)



@Hollow Point (3 pl)

@Magnum Force (15 pl)

-Berzerker (30 pl)

@Spoiled Strike (7 pl)


Stance Mods

-Sundering Weave (1 pl)
-Fracturing Wind (2 pl)
-Clashing Forest (4 pl)
-Iron Phoenix (5 pl)
-Burning Wasp (10 pl)
-Rending Crane (5 pl)
-Reaping Spiral (5 pl)

-Eleventh Force (12 pl)


Prime Parts:



-Akbronco Prime: Blueprint (20 pl)

-Bo Prime: Ornament (7 pl)

-Boltor Prime: Barrel (10 pl) -Stock (1 pl) 

-Bronco Prime: Blueprint (5 pl)

-Burston Prime: Barrel (12 pl) -Stock (5 pl) -

-Sicarus Prime: Barrel (5 pl) -Blueprint (1 pl)

-Boar Prime: Stock (5 pl) -Receiver (3 pl) -Blueprint (2 pl)

-Braton Prime: Stock (3 pl)

-Latron Prime: Stock (4 pl) -Receiver (4 pl)

-Glaive Prime: Disk (2 pl)

-Orthos Prime: Handle (5 pl) -Blueprint (2 pl)

-Paris Prime: Grip (3 pl) -Lower Limb (2 pl) -Blueprint (2 pl) 
-Rhino Prime: Blueprint (25 pl) -Systems (5 pl)

-Wyrm Prime: Cerebrum (20 pl)


Arcane Helmets: (Send a pm with your offers for these ones!)
-Aura Trinity
-Essence Loki
-Chlora Saryn
-Esprit Vauban
-Gambit Vauban
-Flux Nova
-Thrak Rhino
-Coil Mag
-Phoenix Ember
-Backdraft Ember
-Locust Ash
-Squall Frost
-Aurora Frost

-Avalon Excalibur
-Menticide Nyx
-Vespa Nyx
-Chorus Banshee

Edited by Gem145
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