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Kubrow Mods Not Shown Under 'installed' Tab


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Every time I try to go mod my kubrow, and go to the install tab.. nothing is shown.. it's empty.. 

and than when I go to sentinel mods, I can see the kubrow mods.. but not the ones I have installed on my Kubrow. They don't have the little installed icon on the bottom, which makes it harder to find the mod you want to upgrade. 


I'd add pictures.. but steam is being a butt head.

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Absolutely!! I'm also having a really hard time trying to level Kubrow mods with NO way of using the "Installed" filter.  Quickest way I've been able to find them other than that is using the Sentinel filter and even then they're hard to find.  The two Kubrow mods I've been able to max out so far, Ferocity and Dig, don't even appear.  Please Fix!!  Again, the INSTALLED FILTER FOR KUBROW MODS ISN'T WORKING!! thank you DE.

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Owh snap son?
This ferocity mod bug UI things still happened to me...
I make support ticket about this(3 month ago)..
They ended it since like 2 month ago.Since we talk a bit.

It sad seeing this still happening,bug-frame best frame?
This kind of stuff kill my hype for next update with more bug & stuff LOL

I dont even want to re-post those picture again,it lame and slighlty feel it don`t help they fix faster too.


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