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If De Brought New Voice Talents To Warframe, Who Would You Want It To Be?


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Gilbert Godfried

For all three of the G3. Hell yes.


Christopher Walken for Alad V as DeadX65 said.

Samuel L Jackson as anybody and everybody. But if he does it, Censorship must go.

Snoop Dogg as Ordis. Rather than asking if you like the view, he'd be smokin' indo, sipping on gin and juice.

Liam Neeson as Stalker was a great idea.


Damn, so many good suggestions out there. I'm weak kneed just thinking about some of these.

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Anime voice actors? Um, if they're like those god-awful english dubs, then no thank you.


Never really liked anime dubbed in english, anyways.


Those that I mention before are pretty good and professional voice actors and they're all affiliated with FUNimation which is the best English dub producing company ever.


And I hate to break it to you guys, DE can't afford super-expensive celebrity like Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman. I think mid or mid-top tier (like Troy Baker and Nolan North) will be expensive enough for the dev to hire.

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Ooh, Lance Henriksen is awesome and is one of my favorites!  So is Simon Templeman!


I was just thinking about this the other day as I started up another Dragon Age: Origins game.


That having been said, if Nicholas Boulton (Garrett Hawke) or Mark Bazely (Sith Warrior) read a phone book to me, I'd need a cold shower.  :D

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