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New Mastery Test Or Not?


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It was my mastery test to progress to master Rank.9 and I have only one thing  to say: AWESOME!


The test was quite hard i might say,atleast for me.I had to take out a number of greenir without beeing spoted,with finishers and each time i cleared a room i moved to the next one with more enemies,more walls or floors and harder pathing for the grinner.


I have to say I really enjoyed this one,even though stealth is far from perfect this one test was really enjoyable and challenging.

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This mastery test is the reason I want to be able to redo them even after completion as part of a simulation or something.

Now THIS! I would like to see!


Maybe have a dojo room or such to practice against, say, 15 Ancient Disruptors (If you really want) Or have a wallrun only shooting test?

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