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Help With Oberon Helm Blueprint



I've aquired the chassis and systems kinda easily in the past.
But now, after more than 50 Eximus units killed, i've got not a single piece. =/
Im going in rescue missions in Saturn, as it looks like the best place for Eximus units, i mean, it's not like i wanna rush it at all, i just feel like im doing something wrong.

In the end, where should i go to get the Helm?

Sorry for terrible english, btw.

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Welp, sorry for bumping but, six hours of gameplay later, lots of Recue missions, and even more Eximus units, still no Oberon Helm.
A time ago, when Oberon dropped mainly in Everest, i heard about ppl gettin him in six-seven runs trought it, and now, even in seven hours i can't see to find even a piece of his blueprint.
Is suposed to be this hard? I just really fell like im doing something wrong.

As i said, im not exactly rushing him, or wanting him that bad, i just really feel like im doing something wrong. I've killed a LOT of Eximus units, in Saturn btw, and still... oh welp.

Can i be really that unlucky?

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