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Me and my friendZ currently selling these thing:


-Akbronco prime set 50p

-Bronco prime set 25p

-Mag prime set 20p

-Frost prime set 25p

-Dakra prime set 15p

-Wyrm prime bp 10p

-Loki prime bp 10p

-Reaper prime set 10p

-Latron prime set 10p

Arcane helmet:

-Gambit 30p

-Vespa 100p

-Squall 50p

-Avalon 50p


-T1 def 1p each

-T2 surv 1p each

-T3 mobile def 3p each

Stance mod(all of em)

-5p for uncommon

-15p(up) for rare

Also last but not least(Maxed mod)

-Steel Fiber,Vitality,Redirection 150p

-Seration,Hornet strike 250p

-Blind rage,Heavy Caliber,Narrow minded 400p

And many mores :D feel free to offer me what u hunting down below,have fun buying


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