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White On White Is A No-No (Feedback On Icons)


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It should be common sense that one should never use white on white, especially when it's about small icons. More often than not, I can't find my extractors intuitively, or even alerts and invasions at times. The extractors are the most alarming, however, because they don't have a thin black outline unlike the rest of the icon. Looking at the picture above, I bet you won't even notice there's an extractor on Jupiter. It's also annoying that some of these icons would overlap each other in certain angles, a result from the new rotating planet UI.


I think it would be a good idea that they glow and lightly pulse similarly to the alert icons in the nodes, such as this one on Thalassa.




If the icons have a slight pulse, it may make them more visible. Of course, the Extractors need a black outline like the rest first, but this is a suggestion. Anything would be better than white on white at this point to be honest, unless it's eye-wrecking.


This isn't restricted to the star chart however. As stated below by fellow Tenno, there are other issues that has to do with tint and same color overlapping which decreases visibility and intuitive navigation.

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