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Wts Rare Lotus Raksa Kubrow

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Just giving you all an update on my Kubrow, she will be mature by tomorrows reset and she is still up for grabs! Feel free to bid whatever you'd like on her and yes I will do discount deals if you trade me a kubrow print I'm interested in. Message me here on the forum or in game! Below are her pictures, I made sure to take pictures at various angles so you can see all her unique traits (including her striped tail). Happy bidding!









Edit: Kubrow has no set price, pm me your offers!

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All the pictures have been posted in the links above in my original post :)

Hmm.  Having a Raska seems nice, though my question must be... What is the price?  I am truly interested, I want a good Kubrow to help me fight the infested ;D


(Rhyming is not a Crime)

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Just making it clear to everyone that my little asskicker is completely up for OFFER. You can offer whatever you want although im truly only interested in platinum and other imprints. Thanks for inquiring about the kubrow and message me any offers you have!

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