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A few suggestions. (Gameplay, Balance)


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I have been playing for a few days now and have really enjoyed the experience thus far. It is, however, abundantly clear that the game is in a very beta phase. This is not a bad thing by any means as there is a great platform to work from.

Regarding gameplay a few things I would love to see would be as follows:

An Improved melee system that is not simply rapid click to combo. When I first saw the Bo staff I was excited because I thought it would be something more akin to something for air combos or something. I think that would be a really neat niche for the staff to fall into. It would certainly be a much more interesting weapon if it it could be comboed into a launcher move for which teammates could either jump up and melee to follow up, or blast out of the air with a gun or power.

Ultimately what I would like to see would be something that was more timing based or gave you a few commands, something simple even like (wasd)+melee = different attack with some purpose to it. Anything from that to something as elaborate as my suggestion in the previous paragraph.

A more incentivising drop system is another thing I would love to see out of warframe. Players should be rewarded for playing in a stylish and co-operative manner at the benefit of the group. If there was a style score that increased/decreased with combat effectiveness and teamwork and directly translated into better/worse drop rates for mods, money, materials, or maybe even something arbitrary like cosmetics or the possibility for an artifact. I feel that something like this would create a much more dynamic and fufilling system for getting upgrades.

Add more random events to the level. The keycard mission is hands down the least interesting random event to ever happen, it is just backtracking with no benefit or even a fun mission tied to it. There could be team hacking puzzles, large random mobs, possibly an invasion by another faction during your mission or something equally catastrophic. There are a million ways to add variety to the missions without resorting to the keycard mission. (Also the chance of that mission proccing should be way lower, it is tedious. Seriously, it is my biggest complaint.)

Add large enemies. Right now Jackal is the only boss that is of a somewhat large size that I have encountered. I am not sure if he is smaller than some enemies later on in the game or not. Jackal should be on the smaller side of large enemies. Add anything from mechs to massive infestation monsters (Have a variety of them). Also have them meet interesting conditions to kill. Bosses are just moderately sized damage sponges right now, it is something that certainly breaks the dream of the game and feels artificial.

Make more levels based on platforming. The movement system in warframe is one of its best qualities. There is a freedom that isn't captured well by many games, having levels with a more vertical focus or with platforming elements would add variety to the game. There should be a variety of difficulties that the platfoming levels could come across, it is not necessary that the player be able to succeed every mission the first try, don't be afraid to make the platforming elements difficult. If such a system were to come into place there should be a general weighting against difficult platforming stages initially, but it should be possible to encounter them.

The only suggestion I have to improve movement is to possibly add wallrunning. If the game is going to be focused in a large series of corridors then why not optimize all of the level that you can. Slide kills have an action movie feel to them, why not go all out with it.

Regarding Balance I really only have two suggestions.

Severly nerf Volt's Overpower. I use this ability and at the end of most every round the charts come up looking like me with 150+ kills and my teammates having 3-10. I am building ash right now simply so I don't have to even deal with the temptation of using it. (Though I will have fond memories of clearing 2-3 rooms just by hitting 4 on my keyboard).

Trinity should be re-tooled completely. Trinity has no purpose in the game, enemies die too quickly, and health orbs are too easily available to facillitiate taking her over any other frame. She should be turned from a heal based support character to a buff support character. Her ability tree should be something as follows

1. Attack similar to shock that jumps from enemy to enemy will cause good damage and restore light health. (Over time would be preferred, though it may be too good for a starter ability. Possibly have the ability start with an instant small restore, and be able to changed into a longer heal over time ability.) The option to channel (continuously cast) this ability should be available too.

2. Sheild Restore. Restore teammates sheilds over time while being attacked, if sheild is broken instantly give 100 sheild and no other benefit. Should be medium cost.

3. Damage and Speed buff. Should be a high cost decent buff to either movement, attack speed, or both and damage. It would provide much more support. Make it something that doesn't last a long time but would be ideal for large group encounters. Possibly have the upgrade of regenerating Trinity's energy whenever enemies are killed by a player who has been buffed.

4. Health Reverse. AoE attack that takes the health of your lowest teammate and restores it to full, meanwhile dropping every enemy in ranges health to the % value of the lowest player mentioned earlier.

This is about all I could come up with after a few days of messing with the game. Thanks for reading.

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