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My Opinion Of Pvprails


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So since I've started playing Warframe, my end-game goal has always been to PvP, even the original reason I farmed my first frame, Ash. However, after playing for a few months I had noticed that I have yet to do just that, PvP. So I decided to look into conclave! After being very excited finally attempting PvP, I setup a frame to fit various conclave ratings, but to my surprise, there was nobody joining conclave! So I skulked around a bit and went back to the wonderful (sometimes tedious) PvE aspect of the game.

Then came U14. I read the section about Solar Rails being moved to a PvP system, and I was ECSTATIC. I had been watching Sword Art Online II and decided to base my character around a character from the show.

I designed my frame after Sinon, and used a Nova frame, with Vectis as my primary weapon.


Super excited, I jump into the first solar rail I could find, ready to tear other players apart. So as get into the game, the first thing I notice is that my shots are doing VERY low damage. "Oh, they must have balanced PvP damage!" I thought. So being on my Nova, I decided. "Alright, time to Molecular Prime!" "BEEP" Oh.. I'm out of energy, right. So I go around and grab some blue energy balls around the field until I hit about 120 energy. "Ok, I guess I can't use my abilities here, whatever". So I blast a few baddies, and see my first ability pop up, and a maxed split chamber mod as well. "OH! We get to unlock our Mods, ok that's neat I guess." 


Fast forwards a few days later


I now have a Nova build setup specifically for PvP, where I use only Molecular prime and duration/power mods, and my only weapon equipped is my primary weapon, to avoid getting mods activated on my secondary/melee weapons, which I don't really use on my build. So after a decent handful of games, I've noticed quite a few things that should be changed. And being someone who plays most online games exclusively for the PvP content, I feel my input may be useful in this beginning phase.


1. As neat as the mod unlock system is, there's a few changes that should be made to it, with a few options I've come up with.

   1A. Keeping the mod unlock system, I feel like you should unlock mods based on your frames level, and if it does or does not have an Orokin Reactor installed. Also in this setup I strongly feel Auras should be activated at the beginning. This would do 3 things. 1, it would separate the new players from the old players. New players jumping straight into PvP should not really be on the same field as players who have been around since launch (will go into this more later). 2, it would allow us to start with a few mods of choice, just like if you had a brand new frame as an old player, throwing a Reactor and Aura on allow it to be slightly more useful at the early levels. 3rd, it would allow us to use our entire frame, and not just a dumbed-down version of what it really is.

     -Also with this change, experience per kill should be increased, possibly doubled or even trippled, to allow us access to level 30, and full frame builds.

     -Now one concern with this, is exactly what happens in dojo duels. At some point you become so strong, that anything you do will almost always 1-shot the other frame. So my answer to that, would be a balance team for PvP, in which either A, Players would take a small percentage of actual damage, lets say 3-5%. Making those 20k Sniper headshots with split chamber, totalling to 40k damage per fire, down to a total of 2k damage at 5%, still a kill shot for anything without damage mitigation, and still requiring skill to get said kill, you know... headshots and all. 


  1B. Change the system to begin with your entire loadout, and add in the above changes for experience and damage, but remove the ability to "charge up" at the energy beacons. Start out with 50% of your total energy, and be able to collect orbs through battle like normal.



2. Diversity in play fields. As much fun as the objective system is. I believe you should change this to a modular build system similar to the Dojo. Allowing players to choose rooms to "build" their solar rail with, still allowing placement of things like turrets/traps/unit spawners etc. Each with it's own individual cost. 


 2A. Also, more vertical room to play with. Warframe levels are PACKED with wall-run space, climbable parts, obstacles, etc... Why remove this from PvP? What about Sniping perches, pitfalls, trenches, rooms to hide in to grab spawnable blue orbs etc...


3. As an attacker, not only do you have the disadvantage of having to fight turrets etc, but you also have a spawn point that is, but SHOULD NEVER, be accessible to the enemy team. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a Vauban walk up to the attacker's spawn location, throw up a net or a grav ball, and cripple the attacking team ENTIRELY. Also on this point, as an attacker, you have no access to the enemy spawn points, as the doors only allow defenders access. Extremely one-sided.


4. Most of us PvPers come from other games, where we play with teams. Please allow us to build a team to fight in solar rails, that actually gain points, and perhaps PvP based rewards. For example, a set of "Solar Charged" Mods, that would do more damage/more defense/more efficiency in Solar Rails.


5. Coming from the same view as #4, and as many players have already suggested, a Ladder ranking system, and please give us rewards for successful victory of attack/defense, in order to more easily obtain the mods that solar rails have. 


EDIT: 6. Just realized (was cleaning apartment) that I forgot to add on to new vs old players. There should be a separate queue for unforma'd/Potato'd frames/weapons. Or perhaps >30 frames and weapons.


EDIT2: Mayhaps have a separate location for ladder play, that isn't actual fighting in solar rails.


For now this is my list of ideas. I may come back and edit this post with more as I come up with them, but I feel you guys are on the right path to making an absolutely EXCELLENT PvP setup in this already amazing game!


Love you DE!

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I think you don;t understand what DSC happening, thats war, Israel VS Palestine, USA VS Iraq, Georgia VS Russia.

No fair and balance in a war. have fun, we still and will bomb your hospital/ respawn point. 

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