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Mirage Update 14 Like Or Hate ?


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You like it or you hate Mirage ?


I like Mirage ^^ nice design nice skill and need more hotfixes and do not want nerf :(


Many are saying that it is ANTI-FUN NUTSHELL and MAD ILLUSION TENNO :(


I know it has many bugs but always giving hotfix worsens many.




And i view poor poor poor builds using Bling rage on ALL SKILLS

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I'm actually playing a melee only Mirage and she's been very enjoyable. Running Narrowminded for Hall of Mirrors and Eclipse and charging into the fray. I've been doing Tier 3 and 4 voids and haven't been downed once yet.In the chance I do get hit with aoe, I pop my channeling on and life strike back to full and go back to normal melee. I can post a screen of my build when I get home. Only thing I need to do to her at this point is forma out 2 of her ability slots. Wanted to add, I've been running with nothing but the Aegis since getting it, it isn't the highest damaging but it's getting the job done for me.

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