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Energy Guards [With Art]


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I had this idea after playing with the Silva & Aegis for a bit.


I am not sure what to call this and iI would welcome any recommendations on things to change. 


the idea is that depending on the stance you put in changes the weapon you get and how it acts.

the interesting part of this is that it would change depending on the stance or combo chain you are in. 


for example.


one might look like valkyers claws and the next might look like ash's arm blades. and at another time make an energy version of two swords to use and with the duel swords combo/stance the energy merges to make one large sword near the end for a finishing attack. but none of the weapons are "physical" they are all made of energy like the blade of the Silva & Aegis.



the gray parts would have your energy color and this is claws for an example. 


Sorry for my horrid drawing skills there would be one on each arm.



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So sort of like gauntlets/claws made out of like what radial energy?

kinda the claws were an example. think of the "energy" that is used in the sword blade, that would make the weapon of your choice be it claws, dagger, or one large sword. the gauntlets would simply mold the energy in to shape.

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