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Ancient Healer


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broken a bit.

when u use melee hit all enemy around so its take like forever to kill healer.

become almost impossible to solo with melee... and here go all the fun ..

plz fix that.

make them heal faster or take the damage for other enemies . but not heal from other enemies .it's totally broken with melee ..

it was so fun to solo melee on DS . but now T.T

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lol well i don't know what with you
but i solo DS 40+min with lvl 20 weapon no potato
and t3 survival 1h+ with dual ichor many times
and there its nothing like it. 

and telling to  a ninja he can't cut everything with his sword... he might cut your head off :p [kidding :D] 

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If that was old DS then sure.


Now channel your weapon and copter its head. Your experience soloing t3 survival for an hour should have taught you how to avoid hitting the shorter target and only hit the big one.

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there is no experience here.... >.>

u cant hit only the big one when u use weapon like bo prime... and when u hit another enemy the ancient healer heal himself.. so it take long time and hard hits to but thing out...

you cant hit only the big one even if you wont ... that its broken


and ppl .. i suggest to go DS survive yourself to see what i'm talk about.. :D

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