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Kubrows Should Have Their Own Section In The Arsenal Loadout.


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And it'd be nice if we could take along our Kubrow and a Sentinel at the same time. There's overlap in their skill sets, so perhaps if that was implemented, the Kubrow skills would need to be reworked a little.


But as it stands right now, I'd way rather take a Sentinel along with me. Less maintenance/hassle, less problems.


Sentinels don't complain if they go on too many missions. They don't need to be stabilized with an "expensive" DNA stabilizer after they've taken damage/die...etc. They both have some similar skills.


I think the arrangement should be more along the lines that the Sentinels stick close to the player, and Kubrow are more of a ranged extension of the player's arsenal that you take with you sometimes.


For players who really like the Kubrow, Kubrow treats/Kubrow chow should be a craftable item that they can feed to their pets to up loyalty so they can use them on more missions. (I don't know, but my dogs always want to go where I go...)

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DE already stated, this ain't isn't happening. Make a choice, Sentinel or Kubrow.


There, fixed it for you.


Anyway, I've already made my choice, if you read my post. (Well, I guess you'd have to make a small extrapolation from what I said... So I'll say it a little more simply for you. As things stand, I'll choose Sentinel.) 


I'll get Kubrow just to have them for the novelty, rank them up and then put 'em on ice. And to not have to worry about DNA stabilizers, etc. And take my Sentinels around in general. Kubrow utility is nominal at best.


I'm sure there are things that DE has previously stated wouldn't happen, and things change.

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