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Silva & Aegis Feedback


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After using it for a while with a catalyst and 1 forma, here is some feedback.

First of, this is my build, elemental mods vary dependent on faction.

(Corrosive fire for void and infested) (Magnetic "Gas" for corpus) (Radiation and Toxic for the Grineer)



Starting on a good note, the stance animations for this weapon are good, quick and most definitely fun to use. The weapon itself is easily my favorite out of all the weapons I have in terms of appearance, but the damage is the most disappointing feature of this weapon.


With this build, best I can hit against infested and corrupted in the voids wavers around 500-1500 while channeling, and even lower against armoured units in the void (And lvl 15-20 Grineer when I used Radiation/Toxic) with the stance on and 1 steel charge aura, even when swapping out life strike for another elemental/corrupt charge, the damage does not increase by that much.


Needless to say, the damage needs to be buffed, it is equal to the Skana in damage (0.1 damage difference is a negligible), and the Skana has access to crimson dervish. Sure the skana has a lower status chance and slower attack speed, but the damage boost easily makes up for it once you got this stance. Also, this has a shield, so it should drain less stamina while blocking, after all; Swinging your weapon around to deflect bullets compared to lifting a shield seems less effort.


Out of the 4 elemental damage types (Toxic, Cold, Electricity and Fire), I would consider fire the most awkward out of the 4, due to modding around against the corpus because fire fuses with the intended toxic and becomes gas which results in -25% damage against corpus flesh, losing out on +50% against flesh and +25% against proto shields but -25% against robotics (Source used is wiki), the other 3 can mod against all the factions just fine (Corrosive Cold against the corrupted is still pretty good)


Additionally, this is a clan-tech weapon, so for it to be so weak (Sorry if I offended anyone here) is somewhat disappointing, considering it takes time and the resources to obtain it.



Short Version/Opinion on the buff.


Buff Damage to 50-60.

Drains less stamina while blocking.


This is just an opinion on the weapon so feel free to ignore it, and thanks for reading.


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My feedback is not about stats. I know the weapons general reception was good but I really dislike it. Not because of it not looks good, because its out of Warframe for me. It looks like some kind of World of Warcraft weapon.


Its like the unmasked tenno fan arts again: thats great that some WF player can draw/paint/photoshop but its not necessarily means that the actor has original ideas or a sense of taste.


Just my two cents.

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Silva and Aegis are one of my favourite weapons (Judging from the stylistic point of view) along with Nikana, Ceramic Dagger and Kogake.

Blocking is just the same with all other weapons. I guess since we have Mele 2.0 maybe we need a Blocking 2.0 ?

Also damage on Silva & Aegis is miserable. I do not want a dmage buff, I want to see some tweaks to the stance combos.
For example shield bashes should deal increased damage. You are freaking hitting enemy with molten rods of metal!

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Style wise this is also one of my favorite weapons, but for Clan-tech it really needs to be buffed.

THey really dropped the ball on the whole Shield thing.

There's so many things that could have been done with it.


Obviously, like you pointed out, Blocking should take less/no Stamina instead of MORE than with a regular weapon.

The shield is it's one defining feature, but it blocks worse than any other weapon.

How can swinging your Galatine around furiosly to deflect every single bullet be less exhausting than simply holding up a shield.

Other than that there could have been special mechanics, like with Throwable melees like the glaive.

Something like Leftclciking will make you dash forward with the shield up to knock down all enemies in your path.

Or since the Aegis is split into 9 hovering parts, make it form a huge shield of energy between the split parts to shield your team.


They really dropped the ball on the whole Shield thing, the one thing that makes the weapon special is actually worse than existing features and adds otherwise nothing new at all.

Would really like to see some new mechanic to the Shield class.

If the focus would be really to make the shield special and able to be a 'defensive weapon' for shielding teammates or stuff liek that i would also accept the weak damage part.

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Let's not forget that this is a clan weapon and requires forma and galium to build. A weapon that has that much effort required to make it shouldn't be comparable to the weapon you get starting out, pre-u14. Honestly I regret picking it up, and went back to my heat sword.

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I agree with your final points - less stamina for blocking, 50-60 damage.


Do you have the Status+Damage event mods? With those, I feel like S&A becomes far more useful, especially if you mod it for Corrosive and Blast, thanks to it's high base status, Even without the proc, Blast gives melee weapons a high chance to knock aside enemies, which is a useful defensive aspect to the weapon.


For Corpus, mod for Radiation and use Toxin, to bypass shields and hurt robots. Radiation as a whole needs a buff against robots, though.


That said, Serro does status better. Focus on the shield aspect and buff the damage, DE!

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I agree that damage output and defensive capabilities aren't the brightest sides of Silva & Aegis (at least for now), but where it lacks in strength, it triumphs in applying status effects. I know that there're other weapons with high status chance (and they also outperform S&A damage wise), but for most part they also have Slash, Impact and Puncture damage types (in a sense, these fellas will "compete" for proccing corresponding status effect without even considering extra ones like Fire, Magnetic etc).

S&A, like other pure elemental weapons (right now I'm considering that weapon is either unmodded, or modded in a way of having single damage type), have only one damage type -> only one possible status effect (aka unmodded S&A will always and only proc fire effect).

Long story short - S&A, modded for dealing Radiation and Viral (or Blast and Corrosive), can be quite a useful tool to complement primary or secondary weapons.

P.S. I'd really like to see some nice buffs to S&A's damage and stamina consumption. I'd also like slightly better textures...since they feel kinda, well, let's say not the best.

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