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Kubrow Mega-Thread


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Yeah Well I guess we have all been starting threads about the good and bad and unknown about Kubrow.

So I figured this would be a good start for people to post any concerns , Positive or constructive on the Kubrow.


I love the kubrow idea my self the first execution was a big let down to me but changes have been made and things are getting better.


I still see there needs to be more changes but in the last few hotfixes I think DE has started on a path to fix or make much more better the Kubrow. What changes would you like to see next?

What do you hate or love about the kubrow?

Do you want the kubrow role expanded?


anything about Kubrow feel free.



I would like to see a way I could donate my first few kubrow to other new players.

Since i got 4 of the same.


Edit Yaer: discuss about Kubrow here, but remember: bugs here.

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