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Changes To The Game I Think Would Be Cool.


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First off this is a list of things that should be added or removed it is opinion bassed and in no why do I want to start a war.

First changes to sentinels

They should revert the carrier to a healing sentinel and make it so all other sentinels have a vacuum, this would make all other sentinels more useful and viable. Another change that would increase customization would be to add corrupted and nightmare sentinel mods. This would make sentinel owners to have more options.

Second changes to syandanas

Cliping is obvious on frames like saryn something that could be done is make them a solid object so they dont clip. Making there movement more fluid and less random fliping.

Third enimies that scall to gear

Pretty self explanatory

Thats about it for right now please post your thought and what should be added or removed.

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Carrier change, yes. 


The other ones, no. Making syandanas objects would cause boatloads of lag because of all the physics involved, and we don't need any changes to our enemy scaling because it's already messed up enough as is

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I don't really agree with the carrier change, while it would be nice to see people using other sentinels, I don't think giving every sentinel vacuum is the way to go, and as for enemies scaling to gear, I'm not too sure that would be a good idea since that would make modding essentially pointless, due to the fact that enemies would be just as tough no matter if you spent 2 minutes upgrading your weapons or 5 hours.

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