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Has De Hinted To Fixing The Extremely Low Drop Rate Of Eggs?


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It took me 4 months for get the Brakk Barrel. It's barely a week since the update - you clearly haven't suffered enough. 

So be thankful to DE that they let you buy it and not go through hell.




On a serious note, if there's something that bugs the drop I hope it'll be fixed, 'cause the rates themselves are okay.

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there is a bug with the kubrow egg drops where even though you are flagged for the quest the flag that lets you aquire eggs is borked ....where others see eggs all you will see are nav cords or affinity orbs

people have reported going to your dojo or running other quests can "unstick" this

if you have ran that many missions you are most likly bugged send in a support ticket for help

de doesnt really care about fixing this problem since it increases egg sales

egg drop rates for people who arent bugged are pretty reasonable

Just sent a support ticket about this

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