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Kappa Beacons Don't Drop?


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I've been farming beacons in an attempt to go fight Vay Hek to get at least one Hydroid part for two days now.


I've gotten countless delta beacons, omega beacons, and gamma beacons but I've NEVER seen a single Kappa Beacon drop my entire two days of farming them.


I just want to make sure that beacons are actually dropping correctly since Deltas are dropping like candy and seem to be the most common one despite the fact that they're supposed to be the most rare.


So if any DE people reading this could check drop chances for the beacons and maybe fix that, I'd appreciate it.


Mostly because I kind of want Hydroid and don't want to farm an entire week for _ONE_ piece and then get duplicates of it and never get all 3.


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they said yesterday delta beacons only drop from endless misions now and all other beacons drop from the other quests...it was a u14 change that they didnt document untill yesterday


But I've gotten all of the beacons except Kappas in the Survival mission on Ceres. Where else am I supposed to go?

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