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Thank You For Watching Prime Time #37!


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Thanks for tuning in tonight!




Platinum Winners







Fan Art Recap

Welcome to the family

Silva & Aegis Rough Sketch

Kubrow Shame


Fluffy Killing Machines

Hidden Messages


Mirage Prism



Fan Concept of the Week

blazingcobalt's Armor Concepts!!



Warframe Doppelganger Contest Winners!!


See you all next week! 

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TY Meg and Reb & DE for the stream as always!  


@Cobalt-- awesome work man.. that is too cool-- I like the Dragon one!


& Holy crap @ winning that plat prize.


So first Deanio makes me spit coffee with his Dr. Evil Impression -- all over my keyboard-- and I almost just did it again there lol!


Gratz to all other winners as well-- awesome fan art.


Also-- TY for your relentless work on U14 bugs and PS4 U14 guys.

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Hey DE could you maybe change the screens if Megan & Rebecca are playing? 

I mean, i would like to see their full screen to get some overview and not just a little part of it. 

The way it is now you only kind of see their Warframes and a little bit of the rest, but the Warframe is blocking most of the small screens we have to watch. 

Maybe you guys could zoom out a bit or something.


i hope someone understands this because this is really hard to explain lol

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