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Range On Loki's Switch Teleport



Couldn't find this on the forums search or google so I figured I'd ask.


Has anyone experimented on the range or Loki's Switch Teleport? At Ranks 3/4 The range of the ability is greater than the supposed 50m cap of targetted abilities.


Does Switch Teleport exceed the basic 50m cap like skills such as Valkyr's Rip Line?

Does the 50m target cap actually exist(anymore)?


If such a cap exists, then why bother having Switch Teleport scale over it?


Anything anyone can add to shed some light on this topic would be appreciated.


Long live the Loki Master Race my fellow Tenno.

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I can skip all the way to the top hidden room of the void teleporter room with decoy+switch teleport. I think that is over 50m.

Huh. When you do so, is the Decoy showing up as targeted (shield+hp bar)? If so, that means they removed the targeting cap. If not, its possibly something unique to the ability.

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Didn't they increase the hitscan/targeting cap to 75m a while ago?


I could swear my Teleport (75m base + extra range) is reaching far further than my Ash's Teleport (~45m after my build). I haven't tested it out extensively yet, but I feel as though the targeting cap has indeed been increased to 75m. XD

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Can anyone else corroborate any of these claims? It's not that I don't believe the posters, but I just want confirmation.

It's very difficult to measure stuff in-game. I mean, how far is a meter? 50? 75?


Best thing I can think of is laying specific diameter bastilles down in a row, rofl.


Edit: just for the hell of this I'ma go do it.

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Huh. Did some testing - lined 11 max NM bastilles up in a row (74.8 meters) and was able to switch teleport. Then just for the hell of it, tried farther - and I couldn't find a range it wouldn't work at (was using stretch and OE = 117.5 theoretical range). Seems targeting limitation has been removed.


Pics of 75m:


Decoy: 2014-07-25_00002.jpg

Switch: 2014-07-25_00003.jpg

I was then able to go wall-to-wall in this room, well beyond 75m.

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