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Gameplay Suggestions Chapter 2


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Someone told me that this topic should go here, but I wonder if it should go Fan Concept instead.  Tell me what you guys think.


Chapter 1 link: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/259803-gameplay-suggestions/


this might be a bad idea:  dead bodies do not disappear, standing over dead body will have words Drag Body appear.  Pressing X will allow you to drag dody to a remote location and leave them there


moving on to another topic:  New planets.

In wikia, I noticed that how it said that Warframe might not introduce a new solar system/galaxy, so I decided to make a planet in case DE may read this.  I'll leave the names to DE.


planet type: snow

landscape: A frigid world that is inhabited with (blank) and (blank) along with (blank) which feast on these animals.  Planet shows signs of ancient civilizations with the land dotted with ruins and temples filled with plant growth.


planet type: aquatic

landscape: An oceanus world that has 2 lush forested islands located near a continent with few areas barren.  It is clean and scenery is beautiful.  Some animals/creatures/natives live within the islands, while creatures on the continent live underground.


planet type: unstable

landscape: A barren planet full of canyons, volcanos, and fault lines.  Slight traces of water here and there.  Highly volcanous, along with frequent earthquakes.  One huge volcano can be seen constantly pouring out rivers of lava, and sometimes rumble abit.  Tileset on this planet should quake sometimes to fit the unstable conditions of the world (quake may not have CC capabilities, depending on your vote).  Enivromental Hazard Self-Destruct will happen more frequently.  Atmosphere contains smoke.


planet type: terrestial

landscape: A misty world similar to Earth, yet foggy all the time, its oceans are shrouded in sediments.  Few thunderclouds can be seen with lightning.  (blank) species live here.  Natural rock sculptures can be seen as well.


more ideas coming.  Static*

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