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Selling Mods/weapon And Warframe Parts! Welcome Stranger! ;)

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Good evening ladies and gentelmen, can i interest you in my wares?
Got a selection of good things on sale stranger! (yes that was a RE4 reference ;P)

Everything is subject to negotiation, im open to counter offers and trade offers, im just cleaning up the inventory and trying to make some extra plat for swag so don't be afraid to make an offer.

PM in game or in the forums.
Currently: Offline (if someone could tell me how to do that thing with the text crossed over with a line that would be awesome)


Prime warframes
Frost Prime Helmet bp 5p
Frost Prime Chassis bp 5p - 
Rhino prime helmet bp 10p
Prime weapons
Bronco Prime BP 5p
Braton Prime barrel 5p
Burston prime stock 5p
Latron prime bp 1p
Latron prime barrel 1p
Latron prime stock 5p
Paris Prime Lower limb 1p
Paris Prime string 3p
Paris prime upper limb 7p
reaper prime bp 5p
Reaper prime handle 5p
Orthos Prime bp 5p
Dakra prime Handle 5p
Bo prime Ornament  7p
Void Keys
T2 survival 1p
Arcane helmets
Arcane Avalon 20p
Arcane Pendragon 20p
Arcane Swindle 20p
Arcane Vanguard 150p
Aura mods
Rejuvenation (un) 5p
Steel charge (un) 5p
Sniper scavenger (un) 1p 
Shotgun scavenger (un) 3p
Stance mods 
Burning Wasp (un) 10p
reaping spiral (un) 5p
Grim fury (un) 5p
Fracturing wind (un) 2p
Kubrow mods
Scavenge (un) 1p
Loyal companion (un) 1p
Link health (un) 5p
Melee mods
Energy Channel (un) 1p
Focus energy (un) 1p
Sundering strike (un) 2p
fever strike (un) 1p
Finishing touch (un) 1p
Fury (un) 1p
Killing blow (un) 3p
molten impact (un) 1p
Secondary mods
hornet strike (un) 1p
Ice storm (un) 3p
Primary mods
Serration (un) 1p
Vital sense (un) 3p
thunderbolt (un) 3p
Blaze (un) 15p
Accelerated blast (un) 3p
Stormbringer (un) 5p
Warframe mods 
Constitution (un) 5p
Continuity (un) 8p
Handspring (un) 2p
Intensify (un) 5p
Master thief (max) 10p
reflex guard (un) 1p
Streamline (un) 3p
Undying will (un) 1p
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