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Max At Lvl 3 What Now.....



Hi, fairly new to the game.

I' am now at Lvl 3 and have primary,secondary and mallee weapon at Lvl 30. And have all planets upto mars completed.

I've been at Lvl 3 for ages now and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Shall I continue to complete the missions, or shall I exuip a new warframe and weapons and start again?


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Well once a weapon or warframe reaches level 30 it stops giving mastery points. Mastery points are what let you become higher mastery rank. There is tons of things for you to do start building new weapons and warframes. Make strategic builds of your weapons. If you don't know about them look-up fusion cores on the wiki. Start getting rare items and trading for plat Trust me, there is so much more you can do!

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Mastery Points for your Account Mastery Rank are acquired by:


- ranking up new Equipment the first time

- completing Missions


and more sources to come in the future. Codex Scanning will surely award Mastery Points, eventually.

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Ok so I will put a new warframe and weapons on. And start at mercury again.


you can unlock all the other mission. no need to stick to mercury for leveling.

higher level mission = more exp. 

not saying you should take cab to some high level missions where your best loadout cant handle.

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