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Senturio: The Commander Warframe.


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I never have been good at thinking of frame names, let alone types, powers, etc. which is why I've never made a post on a frame concept. Today I decided to try my hand at it though.


Lets start with its powers:


1. [25E] Grenade: Remember how sometimes the grineer will randomly throw a grenade at you? Give them a taste of their own medicine. Does an okay amount of blast damage (at least enough to kill a lancer easily from 4-5 meters away) 


2. [50E] Guardian: Senturio creates a clone of himself that guards nearest object (Cryopod, artifact, downed tenno, etc.) but only deals half the damage that Senturio would himself. Lasts for around 20 seconds.


3. [75E] Negator: Senturio negates/reverses any buffs (For example in a pvp fight it would just negate Hysteria, Iron Skin, Smoke Screen, etc.) and debuffs. (However in normal game it makes teammates abilities twice as effective, and takes their debuffs away, giving them to the enemy that gave them the proc)

For a quick example if Senturio is in range of a propaganda drone and uses Negator, instead of getting his shields debuffed and the grineer in the area getting stronger his (and any teammates in the abilities range) will get their shields doubled and grineer are twice as weak and do half as much damage. .


4. [100E] Skilled Gunman: Doubles damage dealt, halves reload speeds, triples proc chance, doubles crit chance, and to top it off gives enemies 50% more of a chance to drop ammunition. (Effects all teammates in radius) Lasts for around 15 seconds.

Stats: I think Senturio should have balanced stats, this is what I came up with.

100 Health, 100 Shield, Tiny bit faster than a rhino, 75 Armor.


Tell me what you think of my idea, whether or not the concept is good, whether or not it's too OP, etc.

Constructive criticism is appreaciated and have a nice day! 

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