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Value Of Story


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This post is for whoever is counting the money and pulling strings and for other players to consider.


I just bought some plat because I like where you're going with quest and stories not because I need to buy something.


I wanted to let you know that there are paying customers that care about the story, entertainment and not just utility and filling the screen with 5 copies of yourself. 


I played through the Mirage quest and all those maps I played 10s of times somehow were better more interesting , different because of the back story , I went solo in to Hive mission and that was intense , you put sweat on my brow well done on that , but it was so intense because I had a purpose , for the first time in the long time I didn't have to make my own fun , it was not all about "getting stuff", a bit of something  for the right side of the brain as well.


Homogeneous game systems  do not survive long, you need this side to the game IMHO


For players like me a new quest is much more exciting at the moment than a new Warframe.


I think people would spend more money to get stuff to play the game than when you play to get stuff.


Why would I buy anything if getting stuff is the only game in town, if I buy everything than the game is over, that's like paying somebody to eat your meal.


Does anyone else care ? 

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Well I guess and hope that "system" means that they are building tools for that and it's not going to be hardcoded anymore by a veteran coder.


All I need is every now and then , every 10 T4 Int of blood and sweat to have a more relaxing play , about more that just pure fight (and I love Warframes mayhem concentrate :) 


Its like being in perfume shop, too much and you can't smell anything anymore, thats why they have coffee beans jars to reset.


This is game pacing on a higher level , smell the flower --> kill some grineer | watch the sunset on jupiter --> decapitate some corpus


Contrast, after interesting quest , pure slaughter is so much more intense and satisfying



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