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Nodes On The Planet Itself


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The current node selector deviates pretty far from the original constellation design that it used to be and it's hard to recognize and know where and what missions are. I used to know right away where Xini is on Eris from the constellation chart, but with pie sections surrounding a planet, it makes it difficult to distinguish the exact node it's on. I know that it's different than most mission select screens in other games, but it sacrifices functionality and usefulness for a funky design, I'm sorry.


A change can be made to revert back to the traditional constellation method and keep the current planet layout. Here's what I'm thinking of in a very quick paint.net edit:




Those nodes, instead of the pizza slices, show the location of the mission on the map and can distinguish the different areas of the node a lot easier. It also leaves a lot of room in case additional nodes should be added. With this, I can hop on to a mission without rotating the planet a full 900° to find the Io defense mission because I would know where it is located.


This also leave room for special missions in certain parts of the planet! Imagine a mission in Jupiter's Red Spot and the whole mission has ion storms like in the Corpus Scout missions, or Ceres' opening to the inner ocean for an underwater stage. Even on Earth, the nodes on the dark side of the planet can turn night to easily predict when the mission will be at night. Heck, you can put Dark Sector nodes floating away from the planet to depict solar rails leading to the planet.

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Have both? Sure, why not? It'd please both sides of the UI debate, to be sure.


I'm personally much in favor of the new UI, but there are obviously people that prefer the old one as well. Re-implementing the old into the new while still maintaining the look and functionality of both would be ideal in this situation, it seems.

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