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In Warframe De Are Rare And With Rare Things In Play....


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So yesterday i went farming for Loki Systems since i couldnt get Loki Prime farmed for it 2 days prior to the day that was rare


Went farming for the systems joined a public match with DE_Wes and DE_Lex i was excited that i got to play with some devs also since they are devs and all they gotta do thing quick so i got left behind in the elevator alot until we reached the hyena pack they went down a couple times me (using trinity) didnt go down but the best part was when the match finished.



Got the Loki Systems!


So also after that match  managed to get 200p in trade and find a Bo Prime handle


Thanks to DE_Lex and DE_Wes i got what i was looking for after a 2 day search


Thank You!

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