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Orokin Cells Drops Nerfed?


I've been playing on Ceres and on Saturn played both bosses and they don't seem to drop 1 to 3 cells like they used to per kill. Even in the dark sectors survival and defense i would usually get 1 to 8 cells if someone had nekros, but getting nothing lately.


Is it just me or other people experience this too?


well went and played interception missions and the drop is in thoes game played 3 games and gotten 9 cells with 2 nekros thanks for the help.

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I suppose. I've strangely only gotten 1 every interval of Dark Sector Saturn. But now I get only 1 every 10 waves. I was usually guaranteed 1 every interval which means 2 in total. Try doing normal Saturn Survival. I somewhat got better luck

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They are definitely harder to get. No doubt about it. Seems that DE saw all the higher ranked players stocking up on these non tradable items, thought *Tenno have too many" and reduced the drop. Am glad I was playing when I did, current drop rate is effin' awful for new players. It was hard before, as the need for Orikin cells is about 10:1 compared to Neural Sensors. But now that they drop about as much as Neural Sensors (albeit more widely), it's just painful for newlies.

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