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Why Can't We See Node Player Numbers Anymore?


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It was hard enough before to find a game on the solar map you wanted, even with the player counter. Now, besides E Prime on Earth it seems to be virtually impossible to find a game outside of the recruit tab.


I can handle the buggyness and the harder to navigate UI, but this is a major step back. I'm surprised that not many people seem to be vocal about which IMO is the biggest pitfall of U14.

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those are grand master founders, you can find me on hellas, mars :3

I agree we need that party count back, helps me find which dark sector survival missions are active


I thought that was the players on the mission, but had noticed they didn't seem to be updating.

Now I know why.

Ok DE, removing display of the number of players on a mission is a massive massive step backwards for this game. As in, breaking the PvE fun of the game pretty badly.

One of the great things used to be just scrolling round the starmap and dropping in on busy nodes. A casual run and a bit of fun.

It looks like now you are driving us towards having to pre-form groups in the chat, or you just want us to play lotto and read more webcomics while we sit around and wait... and wait... and wait... and then forget we are logged into Warframe and walk away from our computers.

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The new UI still sucks, but the new UI has plenty of room for this critical feature to be displayed anywhere within the open area of each area Tab WITHOUT THE NEED TO MOUSEOVER.  This simple feature makes the gameplay experience much more enjoyable because you can team at will rather than being forced to play only alerts and bosses or hunt 20 minutes just to get a party for something that isn't those two.


Heck even invasions are hard to find teams for these days.

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