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Mission Crash --> Reset


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I just tried to rank my mastery up and i did it... but when ive seen the screen with "Mission complete" it dissappeared again and i was sitting on the platform -.- after 5minutes i decided to alt+f4 the game and it worked. when i logged back in my mastery rank was still 7 and didnt got the level up! 


this is a really bad bug ... because i failed so often at that mission and when i finally made it, it reseted and i have to wait another 24hours! pls fix those crashes!


VG Mightymom


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I have this issue as well, except mine just says mission complete and shows me everything i earned, then it just goes black. I alt+tab and right click close window then i restart the game and i didn't get anything. It has happened to me 4 missions in a row, I've just gave up on playing Warframe for now. Please help.

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