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[Important] A Question To New Players


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 - Just to preface, I wasn't entirely too sure where to place this so feel free to move this, I just want to make sure this gets proper attention looked at and not forgotten like yesterday's news :(


As per the release of U14 came about the dynamic change of what is called the "New Player Experience". What I would like to know from all new people who've joined, are going to join, or will join is for those having been through or going through the Prologue is your feedback.


To those who are not familiar with this game, its' devs or the community, the developers (DE Ltd.) interact with their community and thrive on feedback. I would like to take this opportunity to not only help out the new players coming into the game but also help the developers improve and optimize the new player experience to make it an overall awesome experience. Veteran player are also welcome to toss out their voices in the matter as well.


Personally, I've been playing this game now for just over 6 months so this was a real delight not only taking advantage of this as a little anniversary but to see what the newly awakened begin with. I look forward to reading any and all feedback!


NOTE: Please discuss in a respectful manner, we understand many fixes have come out to keep the update running as stable as possible so it is encouraged to use positive criticism whilst explaining your personal experience to keep everything as civil as possible.


Tenno out.

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I'm not quite what you're looking for here but as a veteran player that knows most of the ins and outs of Warframe having played through the tutorial when U14 launched I had a certain suite of things I was looking for them to show new players. This explanation might get a little long-winded but here it goes.


Starting from when you pick your Warframe and are thrust into the fray with the few Grineer in the first room. It is very nice here that they not only give you prompts to try out all 4 of your particular Warframe's abilities but they also give you a decent little bit of time to play with them as well as infinite energy so you can get a feel for how the powers work.


As they introduced weapons it was great that they allowed you to go back and pick a different weapon if you weren't satisfied with your choices as you got a feel for the weapon. (I believe I remember a prompt after picking up my MK-1 Kunai, Bo, and Paris to pick up a different weapon) It was also nice that they gave a choice of weapons that behaved rather differently from one another, having the choice of the Braton, Strun, and Paris for initial primary weapons and so on. This actually brought out an idea that I really hope they implement even in its base form, not even necessarily the way I am about to describe it. To allow players to take a weapon to a sort of firing range before they purchase it or build it. Base weapon would be fine but I would prefer it to be in a simulation type setting where you can get temporary access to a Rank 30 version of the weapon with a Catalyst/Reactor (If they decide to do something like this for Warframes) in it that you can mod before going in using any of the mods you possess before trying it out on various enemy types to see the feel of it and the kind of damage you can do with it so you get a pretty good idea whether or not it's something you want to use. (Anyway I'm rambling now)


As you went through the level, the wallrunning introduction was alright but I'd have liked to see a space where a few more advanced techniques were introduced. Something like the pilot tutorial in Titanfall where after getting a basic introduction to the wallrunning and being told that they can be chained with other wallruns and double jumps you're placed into an area where you can get a feel for doing it while still having a more basic way through in case you can't quite grasp it. As it stands right now there's not a lot of good places to practice the parkour the game has to offer. The closest we have is the obstacle course in the dojo but there is only really one opportunity for parkour in there just before the moving pillars which get me every time. It wouldn't really have to be anything fancy either, really just wallrun chaining and noting things like being able to attack with melee from a wallrun and being able to shoot during it. (I don't believe that was ever gone over.)


From what I remember the melee system was gone over fairly well. I believe both blocking and channeling got at least a brief mention. 


The missions that followed introduced their respective mission types fairly well. As did the explanations of the mod system and the foundry. The fact that the missions rewarded damaged versions of the "essential" mods that are needed for progression that are at least from the thought I did on the subject sufficient to handle those beginning areas a bit easier. (I'm going to go back through some of the lower level missions with my frame and weapon modded with nothing but the damaged mods to see how well they perform on things up to Earth since by that point you should have access to every essential mod in one way or another in order to really progress past Earth.)


Keep in mind that this is from the perspective of a more veteran player looking for things I thought needed to be better explained or shown to the newer players and is slightly colored by my knowledge of the game mechanics so I might think an explanation was sufficient when it might not be for a newbie. But in my opinion the new tutorial does a very good job of explaining the mechanics of the game and giving the player a bit of story to chew through before getting them into a semi decent position to tackle the end of low end content and the start of the medium tier stuff where they're working on getting their normal versions of the various essential mods and working on getting their first new Warframe. It's definitely orders of magnitude better than what I got when I started the game and even against the tutorial they added before this from what I can see blows it away.

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I'm not quite what you're looking for here but as a veteran player that knows most of the ins and outs of Warframe having played through the tutorial when U14 launched I had a certain suite of things I was looking for them to show new players. This explanation might get a little long-winded but here it goes.



Well the purpose of this thread is to get thoughts from new players who have gone through the prologue about said prologue. The scope of this thread is to collect feedback from them regarding what they think the current state of the new player experience and what can be optimized or improved upon. Think of it as what they liked about the tutorial quest, what thye think should be looked at, what should be expanded, what is perfect as is, etc., etc.


Veterans such as yourself can also deliver input on things you might be concerned about with what may or may not turn off new players and help the devs focus on making the tutorial smooth sailing but firm where a player can take their time without feeling rushed at any point.


To branch off this, personally I think there should be a bit more fleshing out of the mod system how the mechanics. Of course damaged mods exist to help all the rank 0s to have a firm foundation but I think they would be a bit confused about how the mod system and how it works with fusing, transmutation and equipping, perhaps hints about advanced builds to last longer or do more damage or something to that effect.


Long story short: I want to collect as much data and feedback from both new and old players about the tutorial quest, how to expand upon it, and overall improve it so as to give new people a feel for the rest of the game.

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