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Wts Prime Sets,mods

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Latron set 10 plat 
bp 5 plat
reciever,barrel, stock 5 plat

braton set 15 plat
bp 5 plat
reciever,barrel, stock 10 plat

sicarus set 10 plat
bp 3
reciever 3
barrel 3 

dakra 10 plat
blade, handle 5

fang prime set 15
bp 5
blades 2x 5 plat
handle 2x 5 plat

mods : 
-vigor 5 plat (have maxed , unranked)
-cicero mods 5 plat each
- seismic plam 5 plat
-streamline 5 plat  

-berserker 5 plat, 
-redirection 9/10  90 plat 

say when you want to buy somethink ^^

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