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Tools For Warmasters / Dojo Participation


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First of all I'd like to say my problems and ideas come from having trouble organizing a ghost clan. I can only imagine what you Moon warmasters go through , and appreciate the time you are taking in reading/replying to this.

Being a Warmaster is often a really hard place. You have to make everyone happy with the design of the Dojo , build the reasearch they like and make sure you decorate it according to everyone's tastes. It's good to see your clan members happy after all right?

The problem is , sometimes (most often than not) people don't really appreciate the fact of beign in a clan. People just want to be in it for free research and rooms , and that's really unfair for us warmasters or the clan members that really help us and contribute.
 "Well then why dn't you just eliminate these people?" . The answer is that I don't hate them. I'd just wish for people to actually take beign in a clan seriously and not just a benefit for better weapons. It happens even with close friends , and I'm not going to delete them.

So after building the second wing of my Dojo with my best friend , who is the top contribuitor , I find that the other 8 people on the clan have never put a single Forma in the dojo. How do I find out this? By making a count and remembering since I can't actually see their past and current contribuitions , and the fact that everyone has beeen lying to me since I started a new "2 formas , 1 rank up" policy to give them incentive , which ended up in them lying about putting formas in a room.

I repeat once again , I'm experiencing this in a clan with 10 people. I can only imagine what managing hundreds of people feels like

All I ask , is that if you , DE , could consider giving us things like

-Rank Restricted Areas :  Areas set by the Warmaster that only people from that rank por higher can enter. This would give clans a sense of chain of Command , progression and order. While giving us the opportunity to show people we expect some kind of contribution before we give them everything they want from us most of the time

-Contribution Stats : Give Warmasters a personal station or menu that shows us the contributions people make through their whole staying in the clan , so we may take them in consideration and reward them appropiately. Like for example a guy in a moon clan that puts 10 formas but gets lost in the crowd

I have a lot of other ideas but those two tools would be a real advantage for WM's . Again , I definetively think Clans should join players not separate them , and I don't mean these things as an A****** who hates people. On the contrary , I think these things would encourage people to feel more responsability and involvement in their clans

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I made the Banshee Blue prints all four them to make the banshee in the Clan Tenno's room and i have ZERO intrest in the Banshee so why did i make it ? simple for the rest the clan to have it if they need it same with weapons i have put lot in to it just for the clan have the blue prints this is what makes a clan strong btw give them hope and they will soon add to makeing rooms and blueprints for the clans...:)

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