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Upcoming Color Customization Fix (Planned For Hotfix 14.0.9)

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My Colorful Tenno,


Today we’ll be releasing a small fix to a long-standing bug with our color customization code. If you’re a fan of color customization (like me) you’ll definitely notice richer colors, deeper blacks and a wider gamut. Before this change, rarely would the picker swatch match up with the item as you customized, this fix corrects that. Seeing how washed out the Kubrow colors with the broken color conversion was depressing the artists as well. Overall this is a nice quality and contrast improvement.


Of course there is a downside. It’s different. You may have gotten used to being washed out. Please accept my apologies! When we agonized over the before and after of Warframes and Kubrows, we felt this change was justified and that most palettes still offered saturation choices if people wanted to use them. What you see in the picker is what you get on your item now and that correctness seems best for the future.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. After the hotfix we will be inboxing a new “Gamma” color pack of de-saturated colors as a gift for transitioning to this corrected color code.


Now back to getting the Hotfix out – lots of issues addressed with matching, Dark Sectors, UI... (insert coffee here).




PS: If you’re interested in the technical side: Colors you see are in a format called “sRGB” which increases precision of dark colors, important when working in 8 bit (your monitor). Our shaders operate internally at a higher precision using "Linear” color. We (ok, it was me) missed the required conversion of the picker's SRGB value to the “Linear” value the material shaders require.

This is one of the best developer posts I have ever read.

Why? Because it identified the problem about to be fixed but also acknowledges that some may perceive that "problem" as a good thing.

This is honest and respectful interaction with the community. High 5 my man.

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Am I the only guy that thinks neon colored warframes and weapons is a bit... silly? I don't mind it as highlights, but head to toe neon and possibly clashing tones? Why? For the love of my eyeballs why?


Hotpink warframe with neon green weapons...


We're badass future ninja assassins, not the blueman group.

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