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Upcoming Color Customization Fix (Planned For Hotfix 14.0.9)

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Seeing how washed out the Kubrow colors with the broken color conversion was depressing the artists as well.


I didnt get to see them because you folks took this out before i got mines.... when is this coming back?


You said that you like the low saturation colors a while back because that's how the Warframes are supposed to look like and now you are going against that and it's going to be super bright?




Why cant you just offer different sets of brighter and less saturated colors?

I dont like looking like a power range all of the time.

There better be low saturation color options or Colorgate is happening again!


Maybe we should call it Saturationgate.

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Dood, the first post literally says you'll get desaturated colours in your inbox.


Yeah, but are the new colors just less saturated version of the new conversion or the old conversion?

Cause less saturated colors under the new conversion will probably not match the previous ones.

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