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Kubrow Stealth Deaths And Super Stealthiness


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There is no overt indication that a Kubrow require's a revive at any point during a battle. And when you have 25+ ancient infested (or grineer heavies) on your screen, the last thing you are checking is the health of your pet (My priorities are hitting '4' and shooting everything in the face at that moment)


There needs to be a message pop-up when this happens, since the Kubrow is penalized for every death it has in mission.


It doesnt have to be for the full squad (having 4 kubrow messages pop up when the Gas-Clouds swarm in would get annoying) but for each individual tenno. At the very least i can start shifting my priorities.


In addition, there is no map or waypoint marker letting me know where it is. I mean, Maximus has this futuristic collar that lets me see where his health and shields are at any given moment... but not his location?


It was a good change to let me see where he is through obstacle, but he can still get easily lost in the chaos, and downed kubrows dont teleport to you once you pass the distance threshold for that.

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