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July 25Th: Community Hot Topics!


Community Hot Topics July 25th  

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Mk1: Adding weak versons of weapons only makes things worse. Mods amplyfy the base damage these weapons possesses, but newer players are going to need this to get the resources needed in order to move up in the weapons and frame department. (i currently got a potatoed 3 forma mk1-braton, and it feels like it need 10 mods slot to do anything, the braton does not have this feel to it)


Shield bypass in PvP: both yes and no, so my answer is reduce its effectiveness against fellow tenno. Remember we are tenno, we know each others strengths and weaknesses


Ordis: He is fine, but having a mute button for him (in ship maybe?) might not be a bad idea, if i take a break from warframe i just alt tab out of the game, but Ordis still talks.


UI: At its current state it is a bit to much "in your face", mostly the foundry, mod section and market (a tiny bit).


The only problem i have with it so far is if i mod a weapon i have to exit modding, re-enter modding the weapon to fuse the mods higher, or LEAVE arsenal and walk to the mod station to mod my currently equipped mods, if i try to modd then go to the "mods" section it will warn me that any changes will be lost. Adding a "save" button, or auto save when clicking "Mods" so we can save and immediatly go to fusing. Also i miss my component list on the right side of my foundry :(


Invasions have no list anymore, instead of cluttering navigation, add it to the left side of the ship next to navigation (like you did with the "News" section)


No in-ship inventory/storage access? 

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Solar system navigation needs work. The missions are clumped up a lot, I do not know which nodes I need to complete to unlock new ones and the planet wheel is clumped up as well and looks weird with all the planets so close to each other and being the same size. It definitely doesn't give the same sense of space and vastness that is the solar system and is generally a bit confusing.

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I don't think the new MK-1's should exist. The regular versions of those are bad enough anyways. If you must, please add them to the market though.


My vote was for fewer enemies that bypass shields. However, I additionally think that Slash damage should not bypass shields at all, or even be a DoT to begin with. This accomplishes the same thing, though.


I don't think PvP should have shield-bypassing, and I also think that Tenno should have no damage type resistances or vulnerabilities. The only difference between me using fire and ice mods should be the status effect. This also has the bonus of making them a measuring point for which all damage types and amounts are calibrated.


I like the new UI, but, well, you're getting a lot of feedback on that already. You know what to do.


Addendum: The poll was bugged and told me that I needed to vote on all the questions (which I did).

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EDIT: For some reason i can't vote. It always says i have to vote on every option, but i clicked in each topic.

EDIT 2: CAKE! Thanks. Works now.


How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?


Answer: Other.


The Mk-1 weapons are an interesting idea to help players chose a different weapon for their beginning. However having to level them up for mastery points is highly unproductive. Not only would new player need to cling to what are essentialy second hand versions of existing weapons, veteran players aswell would be forced to punish themself through these things in order to get their hands on said mastery points.


So the increased choice would come with increased longterm frustration. So with that in mind the Mk-1 versions are kind of a terrible idea and it would be better if they are dropped in favor of simply giving new players one of the actual weapons and get rid of the Mk-1 concept.


However, i had been thinking of a compromise.


One idea i proposed elsewhere is to make all Mk-1 weapons level 30 by default, but unable to be super charged with a catalyst of forma-ed and not reward any mastery points. It would allow new players to experiment more, but still leave the carrot of the "true" version dangling in front of their faces. Also allowing more freedom with early customization. Likewise with a fully leveled MK-1 weapon (and perhaps basic mods for them) in their hands, they could have more freedom to level up a new weapon, instead of starting with three completely unleveled weapons and having to level them up all at once.


How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?


Answer: Other.


I have to say i'm beginning to like him. The comment about Mirage's bad poetry kind of made me warm up to him. However he remains annoying and i simply wish we could mute him, except for quest related comments.


Perhaps add a little signal for when he wants to say something so we can go the right consol and let him tell us. Maybe with some rude comment if we ignroed him too long.


What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?


I voted for more stamina.


It's really sad to have a proper shield and unable to block more than a few shots with it. Especialy while the mighty Shield Lancers are laughing at us Tenno for our weak shield arms.


Imagine Captain America in Winter Soldier being hit 3 times at his shield and then having to drop it in order to catch his breath. Instead we should actualy feel a bit like him when using the shield. Like being able to slowly push up against a mini-gun until we can knock the mother out.


So i think Silva and Aegis should not consume ANY stamina while simply blocking and moving. Only consuming stamina while sprinting and striking.

To balance it out you could make it so that players are slowed down while hit on the shield.

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While I like the new player ship... the cold fact is the new UI coming with it still needs some hard work to make it useable for Veteran players. While immersion is always a great thing some people don't care about that and they feel handicapped the way the new menus work sometimes. Especial in case of the main menu, switching between different menus and the solarmap navigation.


But I made a pretty long post of feedback already on the official feedback thread anyways:




Also the voting system is broken currently, so I'll vote later on when this is fixed.

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Here are my two credits:


1. I think we do not need more MK-1 weapons. What we need to do is buff up weapons that new players can get access to after they continue playing. Or the MK-1 weapons should be replaced with their upgraded counterparts so new players can have a better experience getting through starting areas.


2. I have nothing against Damage that bypasses shields. Maybe there should be a damage ratio that uses active shield amount versus direct health damage to make things feel fairer. Sort of like armor, but less effective. Because even if you are on low health from direct health damage, timing is everything to make sure you don't go down.


3. Same issue as 2.


4. There should be a setting where you can adjust how frequently Ordis speaks about things that are non-important. People enjoy Ordis, and people hate him/it. Give us the option to decide how much of him (if at all) we want to hear.


5. I've only recently obtained Silva and Aegis, and I do think there could be a little bit of a damage boost.


6. The UI could use some work, things do feel a little more slower then on the old UI where everything was easier to access on the star map.

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How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?


Option to be able to get our Mk-1 from the ones we chose at the Tutorial? (If you kept no track of that, just let us have a once-and-for-all choice as to which Mk-1 of each do we want.)


What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?


I know this will seem extreme, but I honestly think it should either have less enemies using it AND be nerfed, OR just be removed completely.

Shields kinda lose their point if you can do a damage that can just ignore them, so they should be a rarity.


Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?


As said above, having a way to kill you without even needing to worry about your shields kinda beats the point of having them in the first place...


How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?


I think Ordis talks just enough, but it DOES need quite a few more lines. In fact, unless we ever get the option of changing our A.I. and Disabling it, considering we'll have to put up with it for the rest of our Warframe lives, the more the merrier.


What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?


Sated the fact that I still personally haven't tried it, hearing about the fact that your shield actually drains your stamina just the same as all other weapons feels ABSURD to me.


What’s your opinion on the new UI?


The Ship U.I.? Dandy, I love it.

The In-match U.I.? Oh god why.

The old one was WAY more usefu, readable, and practical and the fact that you can only scale the U.I. as a whole (Not to mention it looks extremely blurry and fugly if too enlarged) makes the option useless to me.


Trying to fix this poll. Cake or Pie?


Thanks for the pool fix! ^w^ / (That question popped right after my third failed try! It was funny and unexpected as f*ck! I love you guys! XD)

Also, Pie. ;P  (I'll miss dat Cake doe...)

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What about bugged melee energy colors? 


This is me using one of the darkest blues in the game. 


Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees a problem here. 


It's not just melee energy. Virtually all of my abilities that use the bright reds from the Halloween set have come off as pink since Update 14 due to all the added bleach.


Hopefully that will be fixed in today's hotfix.

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Starting up a significant dialogue about stamina? 


Yes, please do.


When the greatest portion of your player base has decided that it's more effective to melee-copter around your levels than to just run like a normal, not-silly-looking weirdo, there's clearly some issues with the system.  Parkour in general needs to be rethought as far as stamina consumption and effectiveness vs. just exploiting an ancient melee attack bug that has now become a feature.

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having damage that bypassed shields is okay in theory, but in practice its a real hassle to deal with, both from a player or a designer standpoint ;  its great to have some rare extra-dangerous thing out there, but then if its also in the player's hands, why would they ever use anything else?


possible options : 


- make toxic dmg a new DOT effect only, thus it 'bypasses' shields, but the dmg only ever comes in the form of a DOT effect, re-do its dmg so that it is basically 100% proc effect everytime, but no direct dmg otherwise, and re-distribute 50% of the would-be initial dmg as the DOT (basically a 50% nerf to toxic, so that it can still function similarly, at the same time, this is a buff to the proc effect


- decide whether toxic dmg should be lethal or not, ie should it be able to kill, or only be able to reduce a tgt to say 2-5 hps and no lower


- make it where toxic dmg CANNOT bypass shields AT ALL, thereby ONLY being able to deal the toxic portion of the dmg once a tgt's shields are down


- introduce a new "super-toxin" dmg type that only enemies have that can bypass shields, but do not allow players to gain this dmg type



PVP needs a lot of tweaking/balancing, but i think an across the board 50% or more reduction to the dmg that players deal out is not out of the question as a starting point to try to not necessarily "level" the playing field, but to get down to a more managable starting point



the new UI is 'pretty' on one hand, but awful in some other regards, ESPECIALLY the navigation circle, it's just ugly/awful/etc, additionally i am NOT a fan of the 'ship's rear end' loading screen, but at the same time, bringing back the ships flying into the missions has been done very well


notionphil's thread about "bringing the world back" has great points on the UI and ppl like DiabolusUrsus give more excellent feedback on it as well




also this



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What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?

It's fine to be used against us, but unfortunately its scaling can make it too powerful. A system that allows us to watch the status effect build up before reaching a critical point where it starts hurting us would give us time to use our skills to avoid the damage. As it stands, enemies spawning in can instantly kill players. Toxic ancients are a great example of this. At high levels, their aura simply means death by being anywhere near them; if you're unlucky enough to be near one, even through a wall, no amount of skill will save you.


Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?

Yes, I think it should, but it should do less damage. It's an issue of balance: If you're going to be able to ignore high quantities of swiftly regenerating shields and hit the health directly, you shouldn't be the same damage numbers another weapon that cannot bypass shields would do. Being able to use slash to kill someone at range through their shields consistently invalidates a whole series of mods and warframes with low armor or health values. Slash and toxin damage shouldn't just simply instantly get applied -- you should have to take a few hits before it begins to affect you, thus allowing players opportunity to mitigate damage through skill, taking away the ability for "easy kills" in pvp.


How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?

It's great! However, Ordis needs to have more lines that reflect the setting and character actions. The same is true of the radio that goes on. Both should reflect location, missions, completed quests, menus open and other such things.


What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?

They look great but the function is lacking. With poor damage and a high stamina cost, it is frankly ineffective as a weapon or a shield. The stamina cost for using it should be lowered -- and I might mention it could be a good idea to offer a series of stamina-effecting mods, damage reflection mods and other such variants for melee weapons as well. Limiting them to warframes tends to lower playstyle diversity.


What’s your opinion on the new UI?

Amazingly cool, but it doesn't work on 4:3 1280x1024. A good 20-30% is off the screen at the edges, where the only fix is changing the aspect ration to something else (such as 16:9). Unfortunately, doing so really messes up heightXwidth on the screen, somewhat damaging immersion and making aspects of play a bit more difficult.

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1. If you have space for it, why not? People like mastery and so on. But if it's there and no one is using it, get rid of it. Make it into an event.

Like the hardest event ever as joke.


2. It's fine, it has been nerfed enough from the units that do it. At this point with all the options available to players if people still cant get by then they REAAAALLY need a lot of gaming practice. And if it gets change i ask AGAIN for difficulty option where there is an option where you add all the stuff that was taking away because certain people couldn't deal with them. Low stamina, broken lights, zapper balls, I LOVE IT!


3. Yeah, procs should not work on PvP or cut their damage tremendously. But then people are just going to load up on shields.....

This is the problem with pvp. Pvp is it's own monster.


4. I suggested the option to buy different voice packs, i dont mind all the talking but the voice is mega generic.


5. Dont have it.


6. All this work on UI and it now takes longer to switch equipment. Not being able to switch eq in a streamlined fashion actually hurts the game, it makes people pick standard setups so they dont have to switch that often. Also, can we get the navigation button that's on the top left visible at all times? Before i could navigated the whole game with just my mouse and now i HAVE keep press esc or walk somewhere to get something going. People said this was for consoles... well that's great but now you messed it up for PC folks. Get these two things done ASAP and the UI quality jumps tremendously.


7. Cheese cake is my favorite so i vote cake.

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I..do not like the UI as it currently stands, yes it looks nice however its terrible having my warframe standing in the way of mods/text/info on some screens. The fact that it shifts around with mouse movements needs to be changed or modified or give us some way to turn off the movement! Tilted and shifty is bad especially when it causes some people headaches, one of my clanmates has -stopped- playing because of the UI due to the fact said shifting movements consistently cause him headaches.

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One of the reasons players likely feel that he's talking too much is that it's just him doing so, other than the Lotus chiming in to tell me things are happening. Likewise, Grineer FM gets boring because it's always Grineer FM.




It's nice, but seems more prone to bugs than the old one. I don't like having to fight just to be able to see things on the left-hand side of the screen, such as how many of X consumable I already have crafted.

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MK1 weapons are just a bad idea. They make new users feel weak and whenever I introduce a new player to the game they always say something to the effect of "wow this feels so much better" as soon as I get them to switch from the mk1 braton to regular braton. Why not just give these players the regular weapons outright? It's not like they are that much stronger, they just feel way better and give people a better impression on the game.


As Azamagon said in the linked thread:

*sigh* I guess I STILL wasn't clear enough here... What I mean is:

* The newbies that now have MK-1 weapons, get their MK-1 weapons converted into the STANDARD versions.

* Don't add ANY MK-1 weapons to the market or anywhere else. In fact, all MK-1 weapons, both old and new, are all COMPLETELY scrapped (or converted for those that already have them, as mentioned above). They are completely unnecessary!

* All the "new", regular choices I have suggested instead, are all changed to be obtainable for credits on the market now (and obtainable as weapon choices in the tutorial of course).

Is it clear enough now??




I think he is totally right.

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Change the tick time of the DoT.


Ex:  50 dmg/s compare to 150 dmg/3s


If you have 500 HP then it takes 10s to die with 50dmg/s but 12s to die with 150 dmg/3s


These 2s differences could mean life and death like getting health orbs or cast blessing.  This would be even better if DE start to introduce "remedy potion" that cure status proc debuff.

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uhm.. about bypassing shields / bleed /tox. dmg:


Yay for PVE - I like getting a challenge there. Reminds me to equip life strike or HP recovery. This requires planning, therefor adds positively to the complexity of the game (not necessary difficulty... If you plan ahead, this can be dealt with, It's more than brainless hack n' slay. Thinking about Infested long time survival or def. Or eviscerators.)


Nay for PVP - This would and does already cause a heavy imbalance on the weapons/mods / dmg types used. Variety=0



And about Ordis:


Opinions on Ordis polarize a lot... people either hate or love him. I really like Ordis. Made me lol irl more than once.


But why not allow people who don't like Ordis to switch him off? This would make everybody happy.

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How about add an additional function to make the Silva and Aegis unique. I was thinking about something along the lines of a bash that stuns enemies. For example, as you're blocking a heavy gunner you can move closer and bash it, knocking it down to the floor, which then opens up a cool finisher.


I personally approve the idea of using it with the secondary as suitable cover. I mean, the riot grineers can shoot while having their shield up. Sure they move slower but they can do it. As for the shield itself, definitely reduce it's stamina. You should be able to block when you want to and not worry about stamina dropping rapidly.


I like Ordis, it gets really quiet when you're all alone in space. He keeps me company, but he only has a few lines. I assume in the future that they'll be more. Anyways, Ordis is cool.

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What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?


In general if we're talking about toxins vs blast type damage...... I do believe that the toxic damage would be more likely able to break through the shield and go straight to HP. It is a poison/gas which makes sense. It can seep into the armor. If it's pure blast, that's what SHIELDS are for. To take the force of a beating and keep you standing. Especially if you've made the shield tank type. He or she should be able to take advantage of all the time put into defense.



I'm a PS4 player so I don't have experience with Ordis yet. But for ANY chatty companion (especially since it seems he has an out of place in the Warframe world sense of humor....) AI, there really should be the option to mute them. We honestly don't need to be talked at if we're working with mods or figuring out where to go. The silence of 'just let me play the game on my own' is welcome.



This might be the opposite of what sounds proper, but it's my opinion... again, with the tanks. I love playing Frost, he's slow, he's durable, he picks up the leftover mess of the frames that forget he's following them. He should have more stamina, even for the purpose of his sprint lasting longer. He's a slow and steady, but not winning any races. He should be able to keep up a bit longer. All those speedy little hummingbirds should burn through their sprint stamina faster.


Combat stamina so far seems okay. But since combat/sprint are one and the same I don't know how it'd break down. Maybe for the heavier frames, the stamina restores more than it does now with a slide. That'd help at least.


And depends on the cake or pie as to what choice I make.

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(I wanted to vote, but the poll won't let me. Says I'm not selecting everything when I am.)


MK-1 Weapons:


These should all be available. It will give new players a sense of variety and let them pick their style. The tutorial is a good start, because come on, how boring is shooting the MK-1 Braton? It shows players new to the game that there is a lot more available in this game than just slightly altered rifle stats. If I had first started this game and I got to choose a BOW during the tutorial, I would have been so excited. Right away it shows the weapon choice difference between Warframe and other shooters. Sure, for me, it'll just be an MK-1 grind fest, but new players should have more options than the MK-1 Braton. Especially since I had to teach so many new players/friends that joined they can't kill grineer with that rifle because of the heavy slash damage.


Toxic and Bleed:


This one is tough. It does add some difficulty to the game, albeit mostly false difficulty. I like the idea of procs like this, but when it bypasses your 1400 shields you can't help but be &!$$ed off. You only offered limited options in your poll, and I don't think any of them are the answer. I think they need a mechanics change, not just a nerf/buff, or used less often.

            Slash: Happens way too often, especially when fighting Grineer and evicerators. My shields are there to protect me and deflect projectiles, so how does one get deflected and still make me bleed? Slash should only happen once shields have been drained and your health is vulnerable. This should go for enemies as well. Why not give players a chance to experiment with high proc and slash on Grineer instead of mundane puncture procs?

            Toxic: I can't take credit for this idea, I saw it elsewhere on the forums. I apologize to who came up with it, but I cannot remember the name. Toxic damage should be dangerous, and fairly so. And perhaps this can get past our shileds(I dunno, up for argument) but why does a warframe succumb to toxic damage instantly? Your warframe was designed for things like this and fighting infested. The user I saw suggested that there be a secondary proc bar for toxin damage. As you take more toxic damage, it would fill. Maybe you take two hits and a third would fill the bar to full? But it would slowly drain as your warframe did it's best to filter it out. But if it becomes too much to handle, then the poison proc hits and starts a health drain.


Silva and Aegis:


I love this set and have been waiting for it since I voted on it in the design council. Everything about it feels wonderful, but I think the blocking should be FAR superior in using less stamina. All you're doing is holding up a shield, not deflecting projectiles like a Jedi. Perhaps you could compensate with a slight energy or shield drain to maintain the shield's blocking "power" so that it is a bit balanced for the low stamina drain?


New UI:


I've said a lot on other threads and I won't post all that here. The UI is being touched up and I'm confident the problems will be fixed, but we need less motion. I never ever get simulation sickness, but the tight PoV coupled with everything shaking and moving just makes me sick and nauseous. You need to understand, even the IDLE animation is shaky. The ship shakes even when standing still. So much for the serine peaceful nature of floating in space? The worst is the Armory. When you mouse-over weapons and warframes, each one jumps you to a new PoV, and then if that wasn't enough, when you click upgrade, you then zip 180° to yet ANOTHER PoV. When you quit modding, it zips back, and then the worst part is after all that motion and PoV switching, you're ready to stat a mission so you're sent into a loading screen that SHAKES more than a Michael Bay film! Just...please....less motion. I play Warframe with a perpetual light headache now.




I like Ordis. He's amusing, witty, and enjoyable. The only problem is his lack of audio libray. The same thing as grineer transmissions. I love both elements, but the reason people are disliking these things is because of the repetitive nature.


PvP shield bypass:


Eh...PvP. Can't hold a strong opinion on this. I played a couple dozen conflicts to see what it was all about. Was pretty boring. Just run around with an acrid/embolist equipped and win. If you're attacking, spam Ash shurikens, and if defending, spam Vauban's Tesla. I dunno...not the right person to ask.


Edit: Typos, and also: CAKE, damn it! CAKE!

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Silva & Aegis Suggestion


Please please please! This...


"Blocking could absorb damage and add it to the sword's base damage for a limited amount of time.

It would make blocking more uniquely functional on the Aegis and give the Silva more power from damage absorbed."
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