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July 25Th: Community Hot Topics!


Community Hot Topics July 25th  

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How do you feel about Ordis’ chatty demeanor?:

I voted Other. I think that the frequency of Ordis' dialogue could be increased, but it's almost at a good rate. However I think that what he says should have much more variety, and it would be awesome if what he said related to what missions the player has been doing, or related to what weapons the player was mounting or used the most.


I also wish there was some way to reply to what he says, but I don't know how that would be done..

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UI is awesome.

But 16:10 aspect ratios suffer too much. Can't read text from small mods and font. Too much empty space and only two rows of mods show even when you scroll to the very bottom. So bottom row of mods cannot be seen.



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I like that Ordis is talking, he should talk more ( Lotus should talk more in the missions too), but it shouldn't just talk more, it should have more things to say, more diversity.
Currently he mostly says jokes, altough they are funny. You get tired of hearing the same joke 100+ times.
But Ordis and Lotus talk adds to the Warframe atmosphere.
(I don't like giving another game as an example, but this is too great of an example:) The narration of Bastion carries the whole game: the narrator has texts for different scenarios and it doesn't feel like he is repeating himself at all. Quite the opposite: it feels more like you get a custom narrator for your own story. Example scenarios: a big baddy causes a heavy wound on you, you are sorrounded, big kill streak, a nice dodge.

I would love to hear Ordis cheering on me after completing a mission. Custom texts for different weapon craft completion (not for all weapons, just the more exotic ones like the aegis or prime weps).

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How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market?


Weapons should be balanced.  I honestly don't care either way about MK-1 weapons, but if there's anything I'd like to say about all weapons its that they're absurdly strong.  They cheapen the game and most of the time I feel like I really have a false choice of effectiveness.  A great big chunk of them are the same sort of thing...The Rapid FIre Death Cannon of Deadly Doom.  And each new one just keeps getting deadlier.


What is your opinion on damage that bypasses shields?


Give all classes more armor and it won't be an issue.


Also, why the hell does the zerk frame (Valkyr) have more armor than the tank frame (Rhino)?  Balance the base stats.


Hell Hydroid has as much stamina as Valkyr because Melee 2.0.  That's it.  That was your reasoning.  Come on now...


Do you think damage should be able to bypass shields in PvP?


There shouldn't be PvP.

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Only problem I have with the UI right now is the mods section. Actually adding/removing mods to the items. You guys made the UI smaller on kneejerk reactions, and now I'm unable to read any of the text at 1440x900 resolution. It doesn't help my eyesight isn't the best (and yes, I wear glasses and still can't see well).


I would like that change to either be reverted, or have a UI scale on each hud element that exists. 

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1. Ordis is great But wish he would talk more and not be so repetitious with his existing comments. Have more variety. and perhaps more interactions as well wish you could go into the UI and change wether Ordis is male or female buy voice selection. 1.0.1 The radio comms. are a bet repedative as well. and if WE're listening in on their comms. the should be more than one voice and it should change from planet to planet. As well there should be even if on an abandon loop Void comms. as you approach or as you leave the void.


2. And I like cake and pie but you made me choose. I like them evenly.

Anything chocolate for that matter. LOL.



(Edit.) I mean if DE Rebecca is the voice for The Lotus. 1. Who is the voice for Ordis? and Why not have DE Megan do a voice over for a possible female Ordis. Perhaps with ship customization ( ie) new quest line. (Corpus) hint, hint, as a quest reward would or could be that your Liset is put in dry dock on a Corpus base and refitted with a cool new paint job to your disign and some added features and could be explained that with the damaged systems needing an upgrade as it were some things were changed and moved around like Ordis's voice changing and getting his./her memories back.


Just an idea.

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My thoughts on the topics:

1) MK-1 Weapons:

I think that part of the reason that people are worried about MK-1 weapons being a "pain" to rank up is that the MK-1 Braton is unpleasant enough to use that people are worried that it will be a trend among the MK-1 line. I had zero interest in using it during the new prologue, but I thought that the MK-1 Paris felt alright to use, at least. Simply put, before they become available, I think it would be a good idea to make sure that the MK-1 weapons (including the MK-1 Braton) aren't so undertuned that new and current players don't feel like the weapons are completely ineffective.

2) Damage that Bypasses Shields:


For the most part, enemies being able to bypass shields have been problematic and frustrating (Eviscerators, Toxic Ancients, and most recently, Infested Ospreys, to name a few.) The only enemy I can recall with shield-bypassing damage that I don't remember being terribly problematic is Lephantis.

3) Damage Bypassing Shields in PvP:


My opinion on this subject is that Status Procs, in general, are much more frustrating to play against than fun to use. Sure, an Ash might get some fun out of Shurikening someone, forcing a massive bleed, and watching them die, but I think that the negative experience of the person who dies to the homing projectile that bleeds you for you entire health pool at the cost of only 25 energy and a couple mod points outweighs the positives. Bleed procs are just one example. I feel that most of the status procs generate a more negative experience than a positive one (although I'm somewhat on the fence about things like Impact, Puncture, Blast, and some other non-damage debuff statuses). In general, I feel like most guns should have a very very low chance, if any at all, of triggering statuses in PvP, but it might be alright for Melee weapons to trigger non-shield-bypassing damage status procs normally.


4) Ordis:

I'm generally alright with the frequency of Ordis's lines, but I would personally like a little more variety. Perhaps, though, everyone could be satisfied if a setting or slider was added to control the frequency of non-quest-related NPC dialogues?


5) Silva & Aegis:

First and foremost, in my opinion, it doesn't make much sense that a shield, a tool that is designed to, well, block, takes more energy to hold up in the direction of bullets than the energy needed to flail swords around in the air to block bullets.

Second, as far as the damage goes, I feel like 35 Fire damage base is just a bit too low for it to perform well.

6) The New UI:


Overall, I think the new UI has the potential to be nice. However, I feel like it currently needs a lot of polish before it gets to that point.


7) Cake or Pie:

I perfer pie. To each his or her own.

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What’s your opinion on the current state of Silva & Aegis?


I think it we need a better blocking system for this to be more than just a new fancy sword. Currently, stamina drain scales with damage. This a problem because enemies closer to the point where you would need to actually block for once deal so much damage your staimina goes down very quick and I use valkyr who has a high base stamina value of all things. On top of this running still costs stamina so as well as attacking with said weapon so you can find yourself frequently running out of stamina when you could otherwise need it.


It's possible you can use stamina mods in order to prevent this from occurring as frequently but its often delaying the inevitable and restricting the viability of blocking to just those mods which take the place of more important mods that help ensure your suitability because you're not invincible from all side and since the more painful enemies have guns this can be a problem depending on where you are and what build your trying to use blocking with.


Some improvements I propose are the following.


Make stamina cost less severe across the board. This is a big change that can benefit blocking in general.


Have every type of weapon have its own blocking stat so to speak this stat indicates how much stamina damage is reduced on a blocked it. Heavier weapons can block better and lighter weapons are worse at blocking with the trade off being lighter weapons have better coptering allowing you to get closer to the enemies quicker while heavier weapons can block more hits so you can get closer to enemies without losing as much stamina from their attacks. With this you can just make the shield type weaponry have the highest blocking rating of all the other weapons.


Have stamina drain be modified by attack type as well. For example, bullets will do the least damage to your stamina while a blocked knockdown attack will deal the most with everything in between.


This can allow most weapons to be viable with blocking while at the same time allowing the shields to shine the brightest among everything else while making everything else a bit more viable as well.

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On a serious note... cake is great and all, but there's just so many more things you can DO with pie. It can literally be breakfast, lunch and / or dinner depending on what is in it. It truly is a god among foods. I'm glad the community id finally getting around to this discussion!

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I personally think it is ridiculous that damage can bypass shields. I mean, I know I REALLY shouldn't be bringing up the word "sense", but what "sense" does it make to have this super high tech energy bubble around me that can deflect fatal slashes, rockets, explosions, and other hazards, but then turns around, giggles at me, and tells me:


"Hey, I let the toxin get through for ya ;D"




"Hey, your bleeding brah, thought you'd need the manly battle scares ;D"


It isn't exactly "fun" to be walking around with an 1100 shield Volt, just to have ONE stray bullet, or toxic enemy say hi to me, and I drop of an apparent heart attack. So much for them shields Volt!


If my shields are up, my Warframe should be defended against direct damage procs.


Fire, Bleed, Toxin, Viral, Gas.


This should also fix against people trying to abuse this in Conclave/PvP Dark Sectors.


I haven't tried pvp myself but, the way I see it, running around and spamming Shurikens with Ash would be such a Nightmare for the other team, since the Bleed would pretty much insta-gib most, if not all, low HP players, and slowly but surely kill anyone with higher HP.


Those are my two cents on the matter.


Shields are there for a reason, to protect me, not play troll and decide what it feels like blocking.

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Silva and Aegis isn't being used like a sword and board (it's used more like dual swords).  The shield should have some utility too!  Have Tenno block using the shield with reduced stamina cost or even none at all in exchange for slower movement, or even allow them to shield bash enemies!  As of now, it's just overrated since Tenno use it more like dual swords. :/ Make it more like an actual sword and board.

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Damage that Bypasses shields


This is a problem because all Tenno possess the same armor and the same shields: Everyone's weak against the same thing.


What could be done is giving different Frames different types of shields and such, Saryn has Fossilized Flesh, Vauban has Alloy Plate, etc. Create some new types of flesh and shield for more diversity.


That way, there's no predefined bypass build. Something that works well against Rhino will work less well against Ash.




Ordis talks a little, but I wouldn't mind it if he had more lines. Same with the radio. Give me multiple channels, and planet-exclusive channels, and I'll be happy.

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As I chose 'Other' in the poll a few times, here are my comments.  I chose to comment on all the topics, as I feel like they are each worth addressing.  (My replies/comments in bold.)




MK-1 Weapons
Update 14 introduced new sets of MK-1 weapons during the prologue quest, and several players are speculating what their impact will be in the market. Some players are excited for the mastery they will provide and others worry that they’ll be a pain to level. How do you feel about the MK-1 weapons being added to the market? Answer in the poll!
> There's little reason not to do this.  Newer players have more choice in the beginning (if they regret which MK-1 weapon(s) they got, they can get the others), and veteran players (who really want mastery) have the option to get it.  It's a win-win - just as long as you make them purchasable with credits, rather than platinum.
Toxic and Bleed Damage
I posted an example of this topic last month, and it’s still a relevant issue. 
From last month:
“The discussions have generated a lot of opposing opinions about toxic damage and bleed procs. Some players have said they enjoy the challenge, and other players have said that it’s just not fun. Damage that bypasses shields can completely counter shield tank builds and make a large set of mods completely ineffective, but it also helps eliminate cookie-cutter builds (players have to diversify their mod choices).”
This issue is a bit more complex than 'nerf the damage' or 'buff the damage'.  Honestly, I feel like the damage is in a good place - enough to be a threat, but not enough to be completely overwhelming (it's also enough to make armor quite nice, as many Valkyr players realize).  I feel that the best solution is to leave toxin damage as it is, but give tells / wind-ups to abilities that cause toxin damage.  (For example, give a much bigger wind-up and/or shine to the infested osprey before it leaves a big trail of toxin.)  This gives players the ability to react to and dodge the damage in most situations, while still making toxin damage a threat.  As for bleed procs, I feel that they should be treated as simple DoTs (which damage your shield).  The bullet hits your shield, right?  Why would your body start bleeding because of that?
> As for these in PVP, I recommend leaving them out.  Players are already capable of incredible amounts of damage, and some weapons that can bypass shields (such as Dual Ichor) are already capable of great damage without being able to bypass shields.  Therefore, I recommend leaving out damage-bypassing-shields for PVP.
This topic is simple: How do you feel about your new, vocal, AI companion? Some players have said that the AI is too chatty. Check out the poll to see what the chatter is all about. 
> I feel like his speech is welcome, but overbearing.  I don't need to be reminded every time I don't get a Kubrow egg from Earth.  His speech should be toned back a bit, especially on his lines that are repeated so often.
Silva & Aegis
While reviewing the weapon feedback threads, it was obvious that Silva & Aegis is Community Hot Topic. This is the first time players have been able to equip a shield in Warframe, and several threads have suggested that shields should have some advantages when blocking. Other changes have been suggested as well for Silva & Aegis, so lets try and combine some of them into a poll for more concise feedback. Answer in the poll above to provide your feedback. 
> This is another issue that's more complex than simply boosting damage and/or reducing stamina cost of blocking.  Silva & Aegis isn't just another melee weapon, it's another melee weapon type - as a result, the changes made to it will reflect other sword & shield weapons down the road.  As such, I wanted to put a lot of thought into this, and here's what I came up with:  lower damage is fine, as long as its other stats compensate.  If I wanted a highly damaging weapon, I'd go dual-swords, polearm, or 2-handed hammer/axe, not a sword & shield.  And yet sword & shield should still be a viable weapon type.  The solution, I believe, is a two-part one:
1.  Increase its effectiveness at blocking.  Lower the stamina cost of blocking (and also possibly increase the rate at which stamina replenishes while blocking).  This boost should be rather clear, considering that half of the weapon combination is a shield.
2.  Greatly increase the status chance (%).  Silva & Aegis can't (and, quite possibly, shouldn't) match the quick attacks of dual-weapons nor the heavy hits of 2-handed weapons, and yet it should still excel in some way offensively.  I am hesitant to make crits its forte, considering that could simply be used for heavy damage and increased attack speed (the two things I just listed it couldn't/shouldn't do).  Therefore, I think that Silva & Aegis (and other sword & shield weapons) should have its status chance greatly increased.  This could make swords & shields the go-to weapon type when a good mix of offense (status chance) and defense (increased blocking effectiveness) is wanted.  [This is even more fitting considering that the Silva & Aegis is purely an elemental weapon.  I feel like DE was heading in this direction anyway, with its low damage, decent status chance, and elemental damage type.]  Honestly, I'd like to see a status chance of  somewhere between 35% and 50% (base) on the Silva & Aegis for it to really shine.  (I believe making Silva & Aegis the 'Tysis' of melee would, with the help of its increased blocking effectiveness, help it carve out its own niche in the sea of melee weapons currently available.)
Stamina is often a Hot Topic, so if players are interested, we could do some polls about Stamina change ideas in future Community Hot Topics
> Yes please!  I'd love to see DE get more feedback on the stamina system.  As this is a sub-topic, though, I'll leave my comments on it for another day.
New UI Feedback
While many players are enjoying the new diegetic (in-world) user-interface, some players have mentioned that the new UI requires more clicks to access certain menus and buttons.  The new UI also brought a dramatic change to the solar chart, and it feels very different than the old map and nodes. The UI still has some bugs to work out, but it will continue to improve in future updates.  Answer the poll to voice your opinion of the new UI so far. 


> I love the way U14 looks, and I feel many others do as well.  It isn't the looks that I think is the main issue, but the practicality; it seems you have to go through too many menus to do what you want.  I think having the options 'branch out', rather than require a button-click, would help out PC players.  For example, instead of


Arsenal / Inventory / Mods / etc


which requires a button click, have the above turn into the following when moused-over:



         > Arsenal

         > Inventory

         > Mods

         > etc


each of which would be clickable.  For gamepads, going up/down would go down the main list, going right would enter the sub-list (Arsenal, Inventory, Mods, etc), and going left would exit the sub-list (thus going back to the main list).


As I said before, U14 looks great - it just needs some work on the practical/playable side of things.


One last note:  I'm surprised Kubrows aren't on the community hot topics.  Considering their implementation (huge RNG wall on Earth, monstrous credit sinks, the fiasco with the scramblers, etc), I thought I'd see it here for sure.  I hope you consider adding it to the next hot topics done, as I'm sure players would like to give their feedback on the matter.

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I want all the MK-1 items, plus 2 more: Mk-1 Lato, and MK-1 skana.


Those would be identical in stats to the current lato and skana. Then, existing latos and skanas should be buffed, so that they're more in-line with the rest of existing weapons.

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Ordis amount of talking isnt the problem, but you do have to balance out amount with content. The more often he talks the more things he needs to be able to say. For instance on day one of his introduction on my play through he began repeating himself within 2 hours. Talking is fine but no matter how well somebody is written if there constantly repeating  it will get to be obnoxious quickly.

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The poll is still broken for me.


Anyway.....for the most part, I think things like slash/toxic proc should be a little more obvious as to what the sources are, since it's too hard to tell sometimes when it can happen, so there's no way to react to it beforehand if it can happen any time you aren't focusing on a stray enemy that is popping out of an obscured location.


As for PVP, it's a bit harder to say as it's pretty much almost entirely unbalanced anyway, but I get the impression that if we kept shield ignoring damage, it'd basically remove the relevance of having shields.


Sword and bord are just too low damage right now. I can only accomplish killing power after several risky low speed attacks, and that's with all the mods on to make it work. It's a bit like Phage, except Phage has a higher amount of untapped potential, while in order to actually make good use of Silva/Aegis, you need to get to the combo finishers which are at the end of long, unremarkable chains. Also, it seems incapable of actually blocking anything in PVP right now so it might need more testing there. The only real positive factor is that it can shockwave, but the graphic is deceiving and the radius is actually way smaller than indicated and unlike the graphic, hits immediately instead of affecting enemies that enter the ring of fire as it expands outwards. BTW, Runners can self detonate while ragdolling, which is a bit silly. Random suggestion: make melee hits on Aegis blocks have a chance to proc fire like that broken warframe mod is supposed to cause shocks when being hit by melee.


The new UI.....I want the mission dioramas back, maybe during loading, but everything else seems okay except, well, it keeps breaking, so you just have to work on that.

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it saddens me that you are going to cave in to all of the pansy and possibly underage gamers that have INFESTED our game with regards to nerfing shield bypassing mechanics. The Redirection mod by itself should not be enough for anyone to run through the whole game especially so called end game content.


I just know that you are going to let me down on this.



I know the vast majority of players wont admit to this, but lets be real. Shield bypassing mechanics are the only balanced thing going in this game because everyone has access to use it. Unlike Invincibility, Invisibility, Damage Soak, etc etc etc... it is the one great equalizer thats still in game.

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Damage that bypasses shields:

Personaly I like the mechanic (it stops players just building shields and ignoring health like was done pre damage 1.0) but i think having the DoT damage based on the hit that caused it is the real issue.  While the dot is fine against enemies because they have an ever increasing health pool, players will hit a cap eventually (and some frames are just vastly lower than others).

In the case of the base toxin damage that isnt overly hard to avoid.


The major issue with the way the damage ticks are, is even with a maxed vitality it can down you before you get a chance to react to it.  At times presuming you do get time to react even having 2-3 group heals down wont heal you faster than the DoT eats your health away (and lests face it one heal should be enough given the amount of health it gives).  A stop gap could be that any healing clears the dot (though I think there is more interesting ways to go with it).


They also feel much the same, toxin and bleed are vaslt different so should feel different too.

Typiclaly speaking bleed would be moderate damage over a short time (not fast enough not to react), while toxin would be low damage over a long time.  Off the top of my head using a percentage damage could work (though flat damage could too, but has the potential to be meaning less to high rank frames or deadly to low rank ones).


Bleed: ~5% max health per tick (for some 3-5 ticks), each additional bleed stacks a seperate bleed trigger (much like how i believe it works now)

Toxin: ~2% max health per tick (for say 10 ticks), each stack extends the duration of the toxin (doesnt stack like bleed), no limit to the overall duration.  So actually staying within the toxin is when it becomes dangerous, to long and you will be taking damage for quite some time after.


As to the other topics I have no real opinion, that isnt heavily detailed elsewhere.

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MK-1 weapons being added to the market

I'm all for it. I don't really see how there could be a problem with that. It allows new players to be able to change weapons more easily if their initial choice was to their disliking and if people don't want to level them for mastery, they don't have to...? That should be obvious enough.


Should damage bypass shields in PvP?

No definitely not, seems strange to have powers and guns that would bypass half or most of the defenses of a player. People would never use anything else and everyone would go for health builds all the time.


My opinion on damage bypassing shields

This should've been a problem that was considered long ago when we first had Toxic Ancients. My suggestion would be to simply give everyone innate health regeneration which is dependent on a player's max health. This would suddenly make health a lot more useful without being forced to use a specific aura and would segregate the 3 health related stats to be about playstyles rather than being about what frame you are using.


Shields require hit and run tactics to allow it to regenerate, health would be able to take constant fire but would fail against heavy damage and armour would be useful against heavy damage. (If this change were to happen, armour needs to affect shields) Of course some numbers would have to be tweaked and Rejuvenation and Physique would be in conflict with each other (no one uses Physique anyways) but I think this would promote build diversity more if that was your intention for direct to health damage.


Ordis' Chatter

I like him a lot but he needs more lines. I'm hoping for more lore specific banter like you see in Guild Wars 2's NPCs or maybe references to the feats you've done like an Elder Scrolls game.


Silva & Aegis

Should consume less stamina when blocking. That seems like a no brainer to me and it'd be what everyone would expect when they first use it. Also the combos are waaay too long just like most of the other stances. What's the point in the shield throw or the charging attacks if it would've just been quicker to just run or shoot?


New UI

I like it but I'm hoping the UI team will add more information on missions without having me to hover over them individually. The missions are giant blocks of empty, why isn't the space being used?!? Also hope they reduce the amount of clicks required for a lot of tasks but they already seem to be on to that in their own thread.

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Only thing I really wanted to comment on was toxic and bleed damage.  I don't think it needs to be nerfed or buffed or made more rare or made more common, I just think it needs a different mechanic.


For enemies with high slash/toxic damage, RNG can determine whether you live or die.  The proc does quite a bit of extra damage, and can occur just as easily with one tick/bullet as it can with several.  This means that even though I only got hit with one bullet/touched poison for a split second, I'll be punished the same as the guy who was getting pelted with bullets and standing in the poison for several seconds.  People have proposed a meter that fills the more you get hit by slash/toxic damage, which decays slowly over time, and that seems like a much better mechanic, but of course there may be better ways of tackling this, it's simply something the community has come up with.


As for Silva & Aegis, I don't have the weapon myself but I've heard it's pretty lackluster, so even though I voted "no opinion" I just want to give a shout-out to the people who were disappointed so maybe you guys can check it out.


Lastly, Star Wars is winning over Star Trek?  C'mon.  I am disappoint.

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Explanation for my (other) votes

-Bypassing shield damage in PVE:

I think it's fine - I voted other because I feel like this was asked simply because it's been looked at a lot harder since the mutagen ospreys came about-- to be honest if anything it should be nerfed VERY SLIGHTLY - it definitely shouldn't be worse-- I think the antitoxin mod would be an awesome mod to add into the nightmare table. It would be awesome to see a mod that adds extra power capacity (less than flow) but adds poison resist- equal to the current antitoxin mod (buff current antitoxin mod so that it is better than the resist % on new nightmare version).

To be honest I have much more of a problem with being instantly drained of all my power by disrupters-- if anything needs a small nerf it is that IMO

-Bypassing shields in PVP:

I don't know how I feel about this- I'm not saying it should be removed completely- but maybe it should be heavily nerfed it comparison to what it is in PVE-- whatever is done to this for PVP sake needs to be completely disregarded when considering PVE though - I really don't want to see PVP balance effect the PVE at all.

-New UI:

There needs to be another choice for this above "I like it" because I don't like it- I absolutely love it and that needs to be an option in this poll!!! There is literally nothing I don't like about it- period. So it requires an extra click to get somewhere? Tttttooootally worth it-- everything about it that I didn't like was fixed with the first several hotfixes. (Blacked out mods) (obscured mods due to frame) - the only constructive feedback I can give is maybe a little more info on the planets as far as when a sector is in conflict - needs to show up over the planet like an alert!

-Silva & Aegis

I haven't gotten to use it yet- so I don't know how it performs thus my "other" vote, but generally when I think sword and shield-- I think decent damage "maybe great slash-- good impact for shield bashes-- and low puncture." I also tend to think-- superior blocking to other weapons - way superior maybe at the cost of not being able to ping bullets back at enemies to cause damage with the reflection mod-- I also feel like the parry and reflection mod should be somehow combined into one mod and put on the melee weapon itself - instead of the warframe.

Also I think maybe ( a lot less stamina to block) but (more stamina for full combo strings that involve the shield as an attack). Like double what a sword swing costs to hit with the shield if this is possible.

Also some side notes: Ordis is awesome-- adds interactivity and personality to the game-- allows me to get more immersed into the game although I do think he should be toggleable for people who do not want him.

Mk1- I voted keep them -- I love weaker weapons as I like to try to do insanely high missions with mk1 Braton for fun sometimes! The more to choose from the better- period.

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